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Cloth Dollmaking Class

Ó 2002 Patti-Ann Stanley

 by Patti-Ann Stanley

Dana is an all cloth doll made from woven 100% cotton. She is approximately 22" tall. She will balance alone for short periods but a stand is suggested for stability. Dana was inspired by, The Famous Gibson Girl. She is graceful and serene.

She has a 'bust plate' construction, movable arms with button joining and articulated fingers so that she can hold an object like a mirror or a fan.

She is dressed in a chemise, drawers, corset, shoes and rolled hose. Over her fancy undies she wears a gorgeous sheer Organdy negligee. I will be designing other clothing for her in the future. The first one will include the typical Gibson skirt, petticoat and blouse. These will be available as patterns and students of these classes will receive a 20% discount.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginners and Up.

Class Outline

Lesson 1- Constructing the Body.

Lesson 2 - Legs and Arms.

Lesson 3 - Constructing the head.
(Two Options - Shaped face and Flat face)

Lesson 4 - Painting the face.

Lesson 5 - Finishing the body.

Clothing Part 1 - Frillies (drawers), Chemise and Corset

Clothing Part 2- Hose and Shoes.

Clothing Part 3- Negligee

"On-Demand" and "Self-Paced" Class!
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All Registrations are done on the Doll Net Market Site!

Cost: $39.95

The full sized pattern is included online.

Note: There is an optional printed pattern available for an additional fee when you register.

Meet Patti-Ann Stanley!

I am the mother of five grown children, and have 13 Grandchildren and 5 Great grandchildren. I started sewing about the tender age of 6 and learned the finer points of the craft at my mother's knee, on her old Domestic, treadle, sewing machine. I believe that my one foot is bigger then the other today, from all that pedaling.

I almost failed Home Economics in grade school because I refused to "baste", which is something that I do, very frequently, now!!! My plans were to go to college and become as Art teacher. However, after one and a half semester, love got in the way. We will be celebrating 50 years together this January, 2003.

I did not start making dolls until the Cabbage Patch doll craze started, although I was deep into doll clothing and children's dance costuming. During my children's younger years, I must have made a boxcar full of Barbie clothes. I redesigned the Cabbage Patch pattern more to my liking ( a Campbell Kid look alike) and they were cute. But my other cloth dolls were pathetic.

When my children were in their teens, I saved and started taking porcelain classes. By accident I met a fantastic porcelain teacher who instructed me in the painting of antique reproduction dolls. We had an agreement - she taught me the doll making and I dressed her antiques. Later, I dressed all of her students dolls, especially those going into competition. I still make a lot of antique doll clothing and re-dress antique repros.

In 1989, we retired to Florida from Michigan. Moving from a 5 bedroom, three floor home, to a two bedroom mobile meant that the excess dolls had to be "adopted", a very sad task. I was supposed to bring only 30 dolls with me and sell the rest. (of course, another 20 were stashed among clothing and bedding)

A few years ago, I started making dolls by such wonderful doll designers as Judi Ward, Raine Crawford, Kezi, Mimi and Carolee. I called Mimi on the phone and we talked for a while. She suggested that I join FOCD, which I did. Then I became personal friends with Judi Ward, who encouraged me to become involved in the doll making market. After we swapped, she asked me if I would design some patterns for her Whatever! Doll.

I designed four different patterns, that are now on the market. In February 2000, I took Judi's, Beginning Doll Design, class on line and made my very first Original doll. That doll just recently won first place in the Professional category at the Round Rock show in Texas. It is also an available pattern.

Since then, all the cloth dolls you see on my Web pages have been born. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who have encouraged me and helped me come this far.

Since retiring to Florida, I've also been very active in our Mobile Home Community. I was a member of a performing group called "the Pretenders" that "lip-synced" old songs. We did numbers such as, Judy Garland's Cabaret and New York, New York, (performing in glittery leotard costumes designed by Me, of course)!!

Now with all my dollies, I no longer have to "Be a Star"…

Patti-Ann Stanley

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