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Cloth Dollmaking for Everyone!
The class for  beginners as well as the more advanced dollmakers.

by Judi Ward

     This class will begin with a two piece pancake doll, and progress through 3 more dolls, getting more and more advanced each time. You will be provided with complete Example Dollspatterns for all dolls, and patterns for a multi piece, mix and match wardrobe of dress, petticoat, skirt, apron, pinafore, gown that is also a blouse and slip, pantaloons, vest, hat, shoes, sandals and stockings.

    The doll variations will include 4 hands.  4 feet, including high heel feet. 4 bodies, including one with a bust. 4 heads, including a pretty profile face with light sculpting. Variations for all will be taught, including invisible jointing, feature placement for changing your dolls age, even a Raggedy adaptation.

    Learn all the techniques needed to make beautiful, quality cloth dolls, whether they are simple or detailed.

    We will cover sewing, turning and stuffing detailed fingers. Articulating fingers and even arms and legs. We will cover stuffing extensively! We will cover basic hairstyling, face placement, and basic painting and shading of the features.  (NOTE: For extensive painting and hairstyling classes, check out the other classes at Crafty College.)

Also please note that the 2 heads without bodies in the picture are just showing 2 face and head variations.

    This class will answer almost every question you have about making cloth dolls, but will not teach nylon stocking needlesculpting like Lisa Lichtenfels dolls, nor face mask dolls.

    Join us for this definitive class de-mystifying cloth dollmaking. This class is a bargain for just the patterns!!

…Class Table of Contents…

Chapter 1…What do you need--Where do you get it. Including a list of mail order suppliers for hard to find dollmaking supplies.

Chapter 2…Preparing your patterns for use, both the patterns for this class and other patterns. Different techniques for using those patterns.

Chapter 3…Sewing techniques to be used and practiced for all of your dollmaking.

Chapter 4…Stuffing techniques for smoothe lump free dolls. To be used for all of the dolls. Includes special finger articulation, and arm and leg wiring, using readily available chenille stems, rather than hard to find and easily broken wire.

Chapter 5…Making the Beginner Doll, as an Angel named “Angelique”. She is a 2 piece “pancake” style doll, but looks so detailed when done. Includes the face techniques for the simple face. The simple hairstyle, that looks so elegant, and the easy gown, wings, and simplest, cleverest sandals you have ever seen.

Chapter 6…Making the Intermediate doll, named “Maria”. She is a 6 part, tab head doll with stitched on limbs and all-together fingers. Includes template face placement, and reverse template face placement. The gown is now used as a slip-blouse. There is a skirt, pantaloons, vest, stockings and shoes too. Also includes more embroidery, and face painting techniques. Making bendable knees and elbows, 3 different ways, and another variation on the basic hairstyle.

Chapter 7…Making the More Advanced doll, named “Susannah”. She is a 6 part doll with a rounded head design, a 4 part shaped body, and outside jointing. Learn to sew and turn those tiny fingers, with the 2 middle fingers together to make it a little simpler. Her clothes use the skirt as a slip, and include a dress pattern, pantaloons and vest too.  Learn yet another variation on the basic hairstyle, and more shading techniques for the face. Susannah” is a good candidate for the wiring methods taught in chapter 3.

Chapter 8…Making the Advanced Doll named “Jennifer”. She is a 6-part doll with invisible jointing, a profile face, a 4 part body with a bust, belly button and bottom. Light needle sculpture is used on the face. Learn 2 foot styles. a flat foot with toes and a high heel foot. Jennifer’s clothes are a dress with a pinafore, to be used with the flat foot version. A formal variation of the dress to be used with the high heel foot version. A picture hat to be worn with any of the clothes. Sorry, the formal dress version is not pictured, but the drawings will be very “true to life”. “Jennifer” is also a good candidate for the wiring methods taught in chapter 3.

Chapter 9…Making changes, to add even more variety to the patterns. Including my famous “wrap ups”! All the little extras you didn’t even know you wanted to know! And extra things I decide to add as the class progresses! 

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The full sized patterns are included online.

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