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Simply Dyeing for Dolls
© 2000 Bobbi A. Chukran

 by Bobbi A. Chukran

Have you ever had a doll that clamored for blue buttons on her bloomers, or a bear that cried out for a yellow feather in his hat?  No more frantic searches through the fabric stores!  With this class you can learn how to dye your own fabrics, laces, doll hair, sequins, feathers, boas, buttons and beads using common grocery-store RitTM dyes and a few common household items that can be found anywhere.

And as a Bonus the class will make a doll using all of the dyed items.

Dyeing is inexpensive and easy!  The whole process involves only three basic steps!

Who Should Join this class??

Although the class will primarily help dollmakers, others can also learn how-to-dye by following these easy instructions.  Bearmakers (and other stuffed animal makers), doll costumers, people costumers, fashion doll makeover artists, etc.  will all benefit from the information given in this course.

Class Outline

Part One


Lesson One -- Introduction to Using  RitTM Dyes & Supplies and Materials You Will Need

Lesson Two -- How-to Dye Fabrics for Bodies and Clothing

Lesson Three -- How to Dye Fibers/Yarns/Threads/Etc. for Doll Hair

Lesson Four -- How To Dye Trims and Doo-Dads for Doll Clothing and Costuming

Lesson Five--How to Dye Materials for Accessories, and Commercially-Made
Accessories that You Can Dye

Lesson Six--Some Further Dyeing Experiments You Can Do

Part Two - Bonus

Let's Make a Doll!
"Darlin' Dyeanna, the Boudoir Beauty"

The doll pattern is included online.

Class Starts:  Class Starts: To Be Announced.

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