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Fun Faces Without Fear
Ó 2000 Barbara Owen

 by Barbara Owen
Designs by BJ

This new class explores a fun way to create faces.  It begins with Fun Faces Rubber Stamps and large covered buttons.  The faces are enhanced and detailed with pens and colored pencils.  Success with the very first face!  Imagine how good that feels and it's fun, too!!

Next, learn to draw faces using a step by step process of dots, dashes, and curves.  It's painless and you hardly notice that you've done the scary deed - you've drawn a face!

The class includes tips and techniques for dyeing fabric and hair fibers as well as an explanation of the various types of glues available for dollmaking.  There are lots of suggestions and photographs for finishing the button faces for trading with friends or to use for fund raising.

"Don't hesitate!  This is one of the most rewarding classes available on the internet."
                                        Diane Lewis

"I've taken Barb's class in person and I couldn't believe how much fun I had using the rubber stamps. You will be amazed at how versatile they are.  This technique is for everyone from new to experienced dollmakers.  Run, don't walk, to sign up for this great class."
                                        Mary Ann Kaahanui

Class Outline
Chapter 1 - Getting acquainted with the supplies, fabrics, storage ideas and more.

Chapter 2 - Using the rubber stamps, pens and colored pencils to create Fun Faces.

Chapter 3 - Learning to draw facial features.  No fear allowed!

Chapter 4 - Changing faces and expressions. 

Chapter 5 - Using stamps on stitched, stuffed heads.  Adding hair and embellishments.

Chapter 6 - Wrapping it up.  What to do with all these wonderful Fun Faces?!   Ideas, ideas, ideas.

This class requires one thing.  Be prepared to have FUN!!!

Class Starts: TBA
Class Returning Winter 2004! - Starting Date Announced Jan 04
Cost: $38.50

When you register you will receive the supply 
list which includes a source  for the Fun Faces Rubber stamps.
An optional kit is also available from Instructor.

Please click here to find out about Barbara and her qualifications.

To view the Fun Faces Stamps used on a doll,
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