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Hat Making Classes!
by Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui

  What can a hat say about a doll? More than any other clothing item, a hat expresses style, attitude, status and a wide range of moods. It can suggest financial means, convey marital status and indicate religion. A hat can create the costume or complete the outfit. It reveals the inner nature of the wearer and thus, a hat makes a defining statement about the doll.

Join us and learn Hat Making for Dolls Online! Bonnie and Mary Ann offer the following classes:

  1. Hat Making Fun-Damentals" - Free Intro Class - More information to the right --->
    Starts: Class Open

  2. "From the Inside Out - Creating Hats with Structure"
    More info Below!

Hat Class #1

"Hat Making Fundamentals"
Free Intro Class!
by Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui
© 2002 Lewis and Kaahanui

(Prerequisite for all other hatmaking classes offered by Bonnie and Mary Ann)

Students will learn specialized measuring methods used in millinery that will enable them to create hats in correct proportion to fit any doll or stuffed animal perfectly no matter the size, shape or composition. This free course is a prerequisite for the 2nd hatmaking class offered by Bonnie and Mary Ann.

Class Open
Cost: Free Mini-Class
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Hat Class #2

"From the Inside Out -
Creating Hats with Structure"

by Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui
© 2002 Lewis and Kaahanui

This class will teach classic millinery techniques of flat pattern design through the construction of buckram and wire forms for the desired hat shapes. Students will create a pillbox, gaucho, fez, pilgrim, outback cowboy, musketeer, elaborate ladies hats, top hats, summer satin wedding hat, and much more. Lessons are full of colored pictures and diagrams.

Class Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 - Pillbox Hats - Plain to Fancy
  • Lesson 2 - Working with Felt and Adding a Brim
  • Lesson 3 - Advance Crown Shaping
  • Lesson 4 - Trimming Your Chapeau
  • Lesson 5 - Topping it Off in Style
  • Lesson 6 - Buckram Fantasy - Playing with Shapes
  • Lesson 7 - Bonus "Satin Summer Sweetheart Hat"

"On-Demand" and "Self-Paced" Class!

Cost: $36.95

"On-Demand" and "Self-Paced" Class!
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