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"Hotties Past Prime"
Two 20" free standing dolls
with new open mouth design!

by Kathy Hays
Hotties Past Prime - Online Class
Look at these Lips! Learn how to
make this open mouth design!

Pinky and ChaCha were the best of friends, the life of the party and full of school spirit. It is time for their 35 year class reunion and both wanted to look their best. Hours were spent with the personal trainer, sampling every diet imaginable, botox injections, and hair stylist just to look their best.

These two dolls are free standing and 20" tall. They have a very expressive open mouth that shows off their pearly white teeth. The head is pancake style but constructed in three pieces with instructions to make the plump cheeks and open mouth. Once a head is made, the final face painting is simple!

The body is big and bold. Numerous darts are used to make this a shapely body. Good sewing skills are required to make the body and the mouth. Two types of feet are provided in this course. Either a foot that has a huge big toe or a foot that is made into a shoe.

Small bear size sweaters can easily fit this doll. If your sorority has this type of sweater, these gals can easily be dressed to match. If three or four of these dolls are made to stand in a line, they can be dressed to look like your friends of the past.

These dolls are made exclusively with doe suede, either the former Guilford Mills type or the new generation of doe suede. The larger size requires more stuffing, but the fingers and toes are easier to make.


Hotties Past Prime

Hotties Past Prime

Hotties Past Prime

This course is packed with photos and instructions. You will learn... 1) To make an open mouth with a lot of expression. 2) How darts are used to make shapely bodies. 3) How to make sandals. 4) How to make shoes. 5) How to apply Tibetan Lamb skin to the 2 dimensional head. 6) How to make simple clothing.

You will have a great time making these Hotties Past Prime.

Click here to see a list of supplies needed for this class.

*** Retired Class! ***

Registration Closed... Sorry!

Hotties Past Prime
Hotties Past Prime

Meet Kathy Hays!

Sewing and handcrafting are as much a part of life as the air that Kathy breaths. From an early age, sewing was more than just a hobby. Kathy always explored fibers, fabrics and shapes.

Kathy found dollmaking and felt making in 1998. She was challenged to create the 3D figure from a flat pieces of cloth or fluffy tufts of wool. Not all attempts were successful and numerous items found the trash can!

Living in Florida is not the typical climate for a feltmaker. Kathy endures the summer heat by staying indoors and needle felting. In cooler times she is outside felting hats, bags, scarves and wall art.

Kathy teaches felting workshops near her home. She has been invited to teach around the country. She belongs to a local surface design guild. Kathy has taught at We Folk of Cloth, and Doll Camp. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with all who want to learn!

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