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Now OPEN for Registration!
Class Starts Feb. 14th 2008
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Now OPEN for Registration!
Class Starts Feb. 14th 2008

a Music Box Ballerina

by Kathy Hays

See and hear Joile dance! Click HERE!
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The grace and beauty of a ballerina. The lovely sounds of musical notes. Two elements that come together to create this unique cloth doll called Joile. Imagine owning a cloth doll that rotates to the lovely tune of "Some Day My Prince Will Come."

This delicate and graceful 18" ballerina will feature two different hand styles. You will learn a fool proof method of needle sculpting and coloring a face. The wonderful hairstyle is achieved using felting needles. Students will learn how easy it is to make a music box that spins this wonderful doll. Costuming is simple yet elegant. The doll holds a nosegay of flowers and has a cascade of wired ribbons streaming down. Joile is truly an elegant doll and will be a conversation piece in your home.The skill level to make this doll is intermediate. The ambitious novice will be challenged but success is possible. Students need to have good sewing skills and basic knowledge of creating a soft sculpture doll. While detailed instruction is provided in this course, the instructor assumes the student is familiar with basic terminology and methods of cloth doll making.While Joile is a graceful doll, she is not constructed to be used as a play toy.

Let the musical notes and the elegance of the ballerina take your creative imagination to new heights.



Now OPEN for Registration!
Class Starts Feb. 14th 2008

Register Today on the Doll Net Market Site!

Kit (required): $17.500
(US shipping Free, Canada $4 and Others $6.00)
Kit includes: Music Box, mache box, alpaca for hair, wooden ball, and music box hardware!

The full sized pattern is included online.
Note: 99% of our students print the pattern directly from the class room But if you wish to have a printed pattern mailed to you there is an option below to order one for an additional fee.

Registration Closed.




Meet Kathy Hays!

Sewing and handcrafting are as much a part of life as the air that Kathy breaths. From an early age, sewing was more than just a hobby. Kathy always explored fibers, fabrics and shapes.

Kathy found doll making and felt making in 1998. She was challenged to create the 3D figure from a flat piece of cloth or fluffy tufts of wool. Not all attempts were successful and numerous items found the trash can!

Florida is where Kathy resides where she continues to enjoy doll making. She has been a part of the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild. This group provides the creative stimulation needed to continue felting in the heat and exploring new doll designs. She takes classes with different media instructors.

Kathy teaches felting workshops near her home. She has been invited to teach around the country. Some of her felt dolls were in Art Doll Quarterly. Kathy has taught at We Folk of Cloth, and Doll Camp. She teaches yearly at John C Campbell Folk School . She enjoys sharing her knowledge with all who want to learn!

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