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Indian Maiden
by Cheryl Leone


Indian Maiden - Sitting

Indian Maiden - Standing

Doll Making Class
Paper Clay and Cloth

This class will teach students how to sculpt with paper clay, building and inserting an armature, drafting a doll body and drape clothing.

The Indian Maiden doll is 15" high.

 This class is designed for all levels of doll makers.  Beginner dollmakers may want to download all of the information and start with constructing the entire doll body from cloth, including the head.  Intermediate and advanced doll makers may want to start with sculpting the head, constructing the body and  inserting the armature.  The doll can be made complete with or without the paper clay sculpt or the armature.

Intermediate and advanced doll makers may want to learn to drape the garment and create their own pattern for the clothing.  However patterns are provided as well as the instructions on how to drape the garment.

The following is the course outline:

Part 1
Sculpting the head from paper clay

Part 2
Constructing the Doll Body

Part 3
Creating an armature for the doll body

Part 4
Draping the garment

Part 5
Creating the Flat Pattern from the Drape

Part 6
Construction of Garment

Part 7
Draping the shoe and construction

Part 8
Making the Wig and attaching to the doll's head

This class will be taught over a 4 week period. 

Also if students need to move along faster or slower, we will accommodate your needs.

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Class Starts: TBA
Cost: $30

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