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Handmade Paper for Beginners

by Bobbi A. Chukran

You can make Handmade Journals and Note Cards!
Handmade Paper - You Can Make Your Own!
Variety of Finished Paper - All Sizes and Shapes!

It is Fun to Learn ONLINE!
Work In Progress!

     Paper arts and crafts are popular right now, but handmade papers can be expensive.  This class will teach you how to  make your own handmade paper at home very easily by using recycled papers and common household items. 

     You will also learn how to make your  paper extra special with the use of home-grown and dried flowers or herbal sprigs.

     Instructions will teach you how to make and decorate a handmade journal and provides ideas for other items that can be made from your handmade paper.

     The class is 6 lessons long and will be held over a two week period with lessons 3 days apart.

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