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by Cheryl Leone


In the patternmaking class for doll clothing you will learn how to make a sloper for your dolls. For those of you who are not familiar with a sloper it is the shape of the upper and lower body (bodice and skirt) and a sleeve. Also known as "a second skin". Form these three shapes, by slashing and spreading and dart manipulation, most doll clothing can be patterned. We also will be draping fabric onto your doll to create pants.

The methods used for this class will be simple and easy to understand. When you are finished with this class you should be able to make patterns for doll clothing for any of your dolls.

Class Outline

Lesson 1:    Front Bodice - sloper
Lesson 2:    Back Bodice - Sloper
Lesson 3:    Trueing and squaring patters
Lesson 4:    Sleeve - sloper and fit
Lesson 5:    Skirt front and back sloper
Lesson 6:    Dart Manipulation
Lesson 7:    Drafting a pattern for collar and dress
Lesson 8:    Drafting a pattern for a Tunic Top
Lesson 9:    Draafting a pattern for a jacket
Lesson 10:  Drafting a pant sloper
Lesson 11:  Drafting a princess line pattern


The costume class is designed to teach the concepts of manipulating a sloper into period costumes.  Several styles of costumes will be explored that date back to the late 1700's up to 1920's. This class is NOT a study of costumes. The sole purpose of this class is to teach students how to manipulate a sloper into creating costumes.

 At the end of the class, students should be able to work independently to create garments. 

While silk, fine wools, cotton, poplin, velvet and taffeta were the fabrics used during these periods, it is suggested that the students work with muslin to keep the manipulation of fabric and  construction simple.

Since this is an advanced patternmaking class, students taking this course should have taken the doll clothing class or know how to manipulate a sloper.

Lesson 1 - sleeve styles for period costumes
Lesson 2  - Jacket

Lesson 3 - 1708- 9 informal wear (gown)
Lesson 4 - 1770-80 Gown

Lesson  5 - 1800-60  Gown
Lesson  6 - 1830 - 60 Dinner Dress 
Lesson 7  -  1878  Day Dress
Lesson 8  -  Wedding Dress

A new lesson will be taught (approximately) every four days.  However, if students need to move along faster or slower, we will accommodate your needs.


Class Starts:  Date to be announced.
Cost: $39.95

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