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NOTE: Gail's Classes have been retired as of 12/08/06. Thank you to everyone who has taken these classes over their many years of being online!

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The Silver Fox
24” Doll

Cloth Doll Making Class

by Gail Kellison
© 2000 Gail Kellison
Gail's Stitch N' Splinter Patterns

The Silver Fox 
is the handle this old granny uses on the internet chat lines.  Her real name is Gerty Goldfarb and she is quite a character!

She sets up most of the night, playing bingo and chatting with her friends on the net.

In the mornings, she finds that a good, strong cup of Irish coffee helps her to rise and shine!

So you've always wanted to learn to make an “old” doll and you've wanted to know how to use acrylic eyes in cloth dolls.

The Silver Fox class is what you are looking for!
Step by step instructions with pictures for each step.
If you have a basic knowledge of sewing, you can make
The Silver Fox!
Included in this class:
(1) How to add acrylic eyes to a cloth doll
(2) Making wrinkles on her face, hands, and neck 
(3) We will be sewing eyelids
(4) We'll make a wire armature for our doll
(5) How to use felting needles to put in the hair
(6) And of course, various sculpting methods
As a BONUS with this class, learn to make:
(1) A cup for her morning coffee 
(2) A clothespin chair to set her in

Full size pattern pieces included with class.

"On-Demand" and "Self-Paced" Class!
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Cost: $36.95

Retired Class.

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The full sized pattern is included online.

Note: There is an optional printed pattern available for an additional fee when you register.

Skills required: Basic Sewing

Class outline can be found below!

Outline of the Class:
Chapter 1 Hello and.......Making Fingernails, Toenails
Chapter 2 Wire Armature
Chapter 3 Head 
Part 1- Head and Nose
Part 2- Eyes
Part 3- Mouth, Chin, Wrinkles
Part 4- Top of the Head and Finishing
Chapter 4 Body
Chapter 5 Armature and Body
Chapter 6 Legs and Toes
Chapter 7 Arms, Fingers, and Finishing the Body
Part 1
Part 2
Chapter 8 Hair, Applying Fingernails & Toenails
Chapter 9 Panties 
Chapter 10 Robe
Chapter 11 Slippers
Bonus Chapters
Chapter 12 Coffee Cup
Chapter 13 Clothespin Chair

The Silver Fox pattern is not for sale at this time.
                             It is only available by taking the class.

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