Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Taught by Nora Creeach

Topiary Project

Scrap ribbon Topiary stitched on a bookmark pattern for Topiary

The topiary project is a means to use all of the small bits and pieces of ribbon left from your other projects. Keep a small jar or box near where you are stitching and put all the odds and ends of ribbon into this container until you have enough to start this project.

Even pieces of ribbon as short as an inch can be used in this project. You will also need a regular sewing needle and thread to match the background fabric you will be placing this design on. Your topiary will need something to grow in. There are buttons in the shape of terra cotta pots or handleless baskets that can be used. You can also embroider a basket of your own design if you choose.

You begin with the stem or trunk of the tree. This can be a single Straight Stitch, a Couched line or a Stem Stitch line. At the top of the trunk lightly draw a circle. Remember to keep it in perspective with the size of the pot.

You will begin by bringing your sewing thread and needle up through the fabric at the edge of the circle then running a single Gathering Stitch down one edge a very narrow ribbon or down the center of wider ribbon. Pull to gather and return through the fabric. With some wider ribbon you may choose a Ruching Stitch rather than a Straight Gathered Stitch.

Your topiary can be all green, dotted with many colored flowers or all in autumn tones if you choose. Each flower need only be one inch or ribbon. Sometimes you can even use less. Continue this gather, attach sequence until you have completely filled the circle covering your drawn line.

This project works well for bookmarks, cards and other small gift items. It is very cost effective in that you use all the bits and pieces of ribbon you would normally feel needed to be thrown out. In the example I have left room at the bottom of the bookmark so if a last minute gift is needed all that remains is to add the name.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Nora Creeach
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