For gift wrapping, practice with newspaper, used ribbon or any materials you have around the house saving your good wrapping supplies for the finished gift.

Also remember that time spent on gift wrapping shows. It also shows when you hurry.

Wrapped Box



Fold a crease along all the edges of the box. Makes for a neater package.


Crease paper along box edge


To cover the empty box you will be covering the top and the bottom separately. When the gift is added the top is placed on and the ribbon will hold it together.

Begin with the bottom of the box and measure the depth times 2 plus the distance across the bottom of the box and add one inch.

For the second measurement repeat the above technique using the two ends and the bottom plus one inch. This gives you the measurements to cut your paper.


Always use the box to measure your paper before you cut it. Saves paper and frazzled nerves.


Center the box bottom on the paper, bring one edge up and over into the box 1/2" and tape to hold in two or three places depending on the size of the box. On the opposite side pull the paper snug being careful to remove any wrinkles, fold over the edge and tape again in the required number of places for your box sides

On the first end fold the paper smoothly around the corner and across the end creasing it at top and bottom at a right angle to the box.

Fold the end up over the top and tape in place. Repeat directions for the other end. This completes the wrap for the bottom of the box. Now, repeat the whole procedure to cover the top of the box.

These can be done in the same color or top in one color, bottom in another, top in a solid, bottom in a print as you choose.

You can use these directions to cover a boxed gift by measuring around the box and adding 1" for overlap and measuring from mid point on one end to mid point on the other end and add 1". Center the box and fold one side under 1/4" bring the unfolded edge to the top and anchor with a small piece of tape, bring the folded edge over the taped raw edge and anchor with tape. Fold the ends down creasing across the top and down the sides. Fold the sides in and crease using tape to anchor. Fold the final flap up and turn under 1/4" and tape to hold. Add ribbon and a bow.

Tube Wraps

The tube wrap can be made several different ways. You can wrap it as a Christmas cracker using the small tube.

A Pringles or Cheese Puffs style canister can be painted to represent a Toy Soldier, Nutcracker, Clown or other character and a squat canister such as a salted nut container can be decorated as a Christmas drum.

TOY SOLDIERtoy soldier



Begin with a base coat of Gesso and then paint the details with acrylic paints. A layer of water based varnish or spray can be applied when dry to seal. Embellishments and additions should be glued on after the sealer.

Toy Soldier may have the bottom half painted in black with a thin gray line center front and back to represent his pants, the top in red as a jacket with a little peach color for his face and his hat black with available trims and embellishments to complete his uniform. In the picture his belt and the top of his hat are in bright blue for demonstration only. Gold braid is glued around his collar, down the front of his jacket and on the sleeves to represent the military braid.

Christmas Drum drum



Paint the can sides in a solid color. Take a length of gold cord and glue a zigzag pattern around the drum. With a piece of narrow ribbon cover the top points of the cord zigzag and repeat for the bottom points gluing in place. The plastic lid can be painted white with silver trims to represent the top of the drum.

Drumsticks are made using two length of dowel stick long enough to extend over the edge when placed across the top of the drum. Using an emery board round all four ends of the dowel stick and at one end of each shape a slight indentation to look like a drumstick.

With the gold cord glue a loop to hold the drumsticks and a second loop to suggest a neck strap which can be used to hang this as an ornament if your gift is not too heavy.

Options: In place of painting, the canisters can be covered with colored paper, felt, fun foam or fabric glued in place.

Christmas Cracker

Christmas cracker



Cut the cardboard tube in half and place the cut ends back together. Wrap the tissue paper around the tube twice and anchor the end with the sticker. Twist the tissue at one end and tie with the ribbon. Fill the tube with the gift and treats and close the second end same as the first.

Optional: There is available a "popper" that makes a noise when the two ends of the cracker are pulled but grasping both ends and popping the cracker open where the tube is cut pops the tissue and adds no expense.

Snowball Wrap

Snowball wrap



Place your small gift in the center of a piece of tissue paper folding to completely surround it. Add additional crushed tissue paper to enlarge it and form a ball shape.

With the craft glue attach one end of the crepe paper roll. Begin to wrap around the tissue bundle until you have completely covered the tissue paper.

If you wish a large snowball you may add additional tissue paper and then re-wrap as above. These two steps can be repeated until the snowball reaches the size you want.

To place the hanger cord tie it completely around the snowball leaving a hanging loop extended before the final crepe paper wrap. Begin the final wrap by criss crossing around the extended loop and continue as above leaving the loop showing.

Optional: Use pastel colored crepe paper and shape as an egg, for Easter, following the above directions.

Shaped Box

  • Card stock, tag board or any lightweight cardboard
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint, pictures to decoupage, fabric or paper of your choice


Print out the pattern and size for the gift you wish to place in it. Trace on your light cardboard, cover with paper or fabric and cut out. Fold along the dashed lines and complete the box gluing the tab to the opposite side folding the bottom pieces as numbered. Tab is glued to the side of section 1. The bottom of the box is formed by folding in the pieces in this order first #2, then #1 & 3 and then #4 is hooked under #2 (Revised 12/13/97) . At the top sections 1 & 3 are folded down and sections 2 & 4 lock together by fitting the two slits together to make the bow. This will complete your little box. If you plan to paint it you can paint and decorate it now.

Add a little tissue and fold the top in locking the tabs.

box pattern #1

Character Bags

character bags



These gift wraps are made like small pockets. To make a rectangular bag begin with a rectangle of fabric. Fold it in half, sew two sides and hem the opening. Close by gathering and tying with a ribbon. These can be made for a tiny gift or enlarged to package almost anything.

A Snowman Face, Reindeer Head, Christmas ornament shape, Easter Egg, Teddy Bear Face, Clown, Bunny Rabbit, Jack-O-Lantern or Scarecrow can be cut from two layers of fabric/felt making this adaptable for any occasion. Stitch or glue around the outside edge leaving an opening at the top. These can be embellished with wiggle eyes, pompoms, glitter paints or any embellishments and trims of your choice.

Add a gold hanger cord and it becomes a hanging gift ornament. You can use a small piece of Velcro to close.


Gift inside a gift does double duty. Make your wrapping part of the gift.


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