Basic Florals
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  Lesson 4


Wreaths come in many sizes, shapes and are made from many materials. Usually when working with this type of a wall hanging display directions are given using the numbers on the face of a clock as your guide points. A round wreath can have the floral material completely circling the wreath with a few accent points.

The bow and additions such as terra cotta pots, bird nests, bird houses, little signs, etc. are placed on the wreath at odd points such as 10, 2 and 6, or they can be grouped from 5 to 10 or from 4 to 8, the choice is yours and the materials you are using usually will dictate the location.

The wreath itself can be made from twisted grapevine, wrapped straw, Styrofoam or in the case of Christmas wreaths, evergreens. The shapes can be round, heart shaped, in the form of a ladder or arch.

Bird's Nests WreathBirdnest Wreath


Using the wire fashion a loop hanger and place it on the back of the wreath at 12:00 o'clock.

Position the bird nests at 4:00 and 8:30. Place one Mushroom Bird in the nest and 8:30. Set the other two aside for now. Place the first grouping of yellow daisies at 1:00 extending down to 2:30. The second grouping of daisies at 3:00, the third grouping divided one above and several below the nest at 4:00. Another grouping extending from 5:00 position, one below and several above the bird nest at 8:30 and extending up to 11:00. Place the fern or leafy greens at 7:00 extending up past 9:00 and down to 6:00 on the inside of the wreath. Place the lillies at 2:00, 4:00, two at 5:30, 7:30, 8:00, and 12:00.

Fill in the remaining wreath with the carnations and broad green leaves. Position the final two Mushroom Birds at 5:00 and slightly past 6:00.

Novelty WreathTexas Wreath

The Texas Wreath is a novelty arrangement placed on a dense grapevine wreath that is wrapped with ribbon in a spiral from 6:00 around to 6:00.

A cactus is placed at the 6:00 location extending straight up the middle of the open area to 12:00, bluebonnets are fanned from 6:00 down and out with the addition of a steer skull and Texas bandanna added from 6:00 extending up past 9:00.

A Romantic Wreath

This wreath is composed of a grapevine wreath with the addition of a twig heart placed from 1:00 to 4:00. Exotic pink lillies, pink and white roses, yellow, lavender and purple fill flowers and purple ribbon have been used to form a circle on the wreath that passes through the twig heart.

Straw & Floral Wreath

Straw & Florals Wreath

The base of this arrangement is a straw wreath that has been densely covered from 3:00 to 9:00 with broad leafed greenery with yellow form flowers and orange and yellow smaller form flowers.


grape Arch

Arch arrangement is formed of twigs wired together covered densely at the top extending down both sides with grape leaves. The addition of small clusters of grapes are used to enhance the arrangement.

Ladder Arrangement

Ladder Arangement

This is formed of twigs wired together with a modified "S" swirl of yellow roses, greenery and touches of red berries and white flowers. The addition of tiny straw hats at the top right, center left and lower left. Groups of berries in leaf clusters are located throughout the arrangement.

Basic and Angled Swags


Swags are wall arrangements that are used on top of windows, doors, around a picture or vertically in a long narrow space. The general confirmation is two bunches of line material tied together by their stems so they extend out from a mid point. In a long narrow area your swag may begin with a bow and all the stems toward the top extending down. Swags are also built in a 90 degree angle to decorate the corner of a picture, the top and down the side of a window or door. This is a more modern arrangement and can be as simple as the line material alone or you can form a focal point with form flowers at the end of the stem or where the stems meet as in the case of the angle swag.

Another modern arrangement that is spectacular for special occasions is the arrangement highlighted with points of light. A battery pack with miniature lights can be hidden among the material in an arrangement similar to adding Christmas tree lights to a Christmas tree. These tiny bulbs come in clear that gives a yellowish light or the lights can be colored.

Mono filament lights do not have a bulb, just the tip of the filament provides a point of light at the end of each filament. These thread like filaments can be placed throughout the arrangement like fairy lights or extend in a spray above the arrangement. The optics can be cut to the length you need and will light at the cut end. This type of lighting is available through the Flora-Lite Co. Box 4119, Clearwater FL 33758 PH: 800-411-7381

We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Old America Store in Greenville, TX and Hobby Lobby in Mesquite, TX for the pictures of the finished floral arrangements used throughout this class. Both Old America and Hobby Lobby have large floral departments and reasonable prices. In either of these chain stores the personnel in the floral department will be happy to assist you with your floral purchases.

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