Candy Flower Arrangements
Taught by Nora Creeach of Bluebonnet Crafters

Lesson 2

In this lesson we will give you several arrangements that can be made using home made candy or individually wrapped purchased candy. After reading all the directions use your imagination to develop individual variations. These can be used as gifts on any occasion. They are especially popular at bazaars, fairs and bake sales.

First Aid Lollipop Bouquetdrawing of project




We will give you the instructions for a "get well" bouquet. Changing the colors and the design on the can will make it appropriate for any occasion.

Sand the cut edge of the can to smooth and dull. Also sand the entire exterior of the can to roughen. Cut the Styrofoam to fit into the can. Place a small amount of craft glue on the bottom of the foam and press it firmly into the bottom of the can. Paint the exterior of the can white. Allow to dry and paint on a second coat. After drying again with red paint write "First" then a red cross, then "Aid" on the front of the can. Glue a few silk leaves on the top to hide the foam. Plant several red lollipops into the foam. Add additional greenery as you see fit. (If you do not have silk leaves you can cut leaf shapes from the green tissue paper.)

Tie a shoestring bow around the lollipop placed nearest the front right side.

Option: Flower petals can be cut from a circle of white paper and glued to the back of the lollipops.

Picture of CorsageCorsage




Shape the flowers beginning with a small piece and flattening it into a circle. Gently roll to form a cone. Add each individual petal around this center coil to form a rose approximately 1 1/2" in diameter. Make 5 to 7 roses for each corsage.

Place the rose face down in the center of a square of plastic wrap large enough to cover the rose without crushing it. Gather the plastic wrap at the base of the rose and twist to form a stem. Begin wrapping with floral tape by stretching and turning the tape so it will stick to itself (a piece of chenille stem or 20-gauge wire can be added to make the stem longer. Set each rose aside until you have 5 or 7 ready).

To make the puffs for embellishment fold a 5" length piece of flat lace or tulle in half. Add wire or chenille stem and wrap with floral tape to secure. Make a floral bow with the ribbon. Use a piece of light wire or chenille stem to secure the bow.

Begin with one of the puffs, place a rose on top of the puff and begin securing with floral tape. Add a second rose to the right of the first and staggered down slightly. A third rose is placed to the left and slightly below the second. Add a puff with a rose again to the right and another to the left. Continuing to wrap with the floral tape so all five roses and an occasional silk leaf are joined to a single stem in the center.

Place the bow in the center immediately below the last two roses twisting the wire around the main stem and securing it with floral tape.

If using only 5 roses, now coil the end of the stem and add a corsage pin.

If using 7 roses: before adding the bow begin a separate grouping by placing the sixth centered on a puff of lace or tulle with number 7 slightly to one side and slightly lower. Wrap with floral tape just enough to secure. Place the combination of rose number 6 and 7 with the puff in the opposite direction of the other 5 roses and puffs. Wrap to secure and cover all wires with floral tape. Place the bow between the groups so the larger number of roses will face up and the other two will face down from the bow. Cover the wires with floral tape and add a corsage pin.

Place in a zipper type bag until presentation.

A Mug of Chocolate Kiss Roses
picture of project



Place two candies, flat bottoms together, add a wire or skewer to the edge. Place diagonally into the center of a square of plastic wrap. Fold the opposite corner down over the candy and skewer/wire and gently gather the plastic wrap to firmly hold the two candies together on the top of the skewer/wire. Begin wrapping with floral tape from half way up the point of the lower candy stretching as you wrap until you have wrapped the complete stem. Set aside and finish 7 rose buds. (Vary the length of the stems between 5" and 7 3/4" so when placed your candy roses will be staggered in the arrangement.)

Cut the Styrofoam just slightly larger than the inside of the mug so you have to force the foam by pushing straight down into the mug. Place a small amount of glue on top of the foam and cover it with Spanish moss. Arrange the silk rose buds and greenery placing the candy roses among the other stems to give them as natural a look as possible.

Add a shoestring bow to the handle of the mug.

Popcorn Topiarydrawing of popcorn topiary




Place the Styrofoam into your container using a small amount of craft glue to anchor in place. Dip the bottom end of the bamboo skewers into the craft glue and center it in the foam. Use a small amount of craft glue over the top of the foam and cover with Spanish moss. Plant the bottom end of your vine in the foam by dipping it in the craft glue and inserting it next to the skewers.

Using the low temp glue gun glue tack the vine around the skewers, up around the bottom ball and continue spiraling to end at the top of the top ball. This should look like one long continuous spiral that allows the popcorn balls to show through the plastic wrap.

Candy Plantdrawing of project




Cut and glue the foam into your clay pot. Spread a small amount of glue on top of foam and cover with Spanish moss. Insert the stems of the greenery and the candy into glue and arrange them in a pleasing manner in the pot. Tie the bow around a leaf or candy flower near the front of the pot.

Candy Flower Flower


Place the wrapped candy in the center of a square of plastic wrap with the wire extending half way up the candy and over-wrap by pulling all of the plastic wrap down and twisting the wrap around the wire. Stretch and wind the floral tape from mid candy down to anchor the candy to the wire and continue to wrap until the wire is completely covered.

This arrangement can be made with as many flower candies as you like but the minimum number should be about seven.

Candy Della Robbia Centerpiece drawing of project




Paint the wreath and allow it to dry thoroughly. Completely wrap in clear plastic wrap. Wrap all the marzipan fruit individually in plastic cling wrap. Arrange the marzipan fruit in two rows, one on the inside edge and one around the outside edge using individual pieces of double sided sticky tape to hold each fruit in place. (The tape is just to keep them from shifting when the wreath is moved.)

Form a roll of plastic wrap fitted between the two rows of marzipan fruit and place a third row or marzipan fruit on top to give a rounded look.

Cut the ribbon in half. Beginning at the center start tucking it around the wreath until the two ends meet at the opposite side. Tie a single knot. With the other half of the ribbon make a multi loop bow. Place it on the single knot and tie a double knot to hold it in place.

Place the wreath in the center of the table with the candle in the center of the wreath with the bow facing to the front. This makes an interesting centerpiece and the guests can be invited to help themselves to the fruit as a party favor.

Candy Wreath
drawing of project



Depending on the time of the year you can pick the colors of the candy to match an occasion or use a multicolor mix. The wrapped candy is the type that is placed in the center of a wrap with both ends twisted to close.

You glue one end of the candy wrapper to the wreath with the candy facing to the left starting just slightly past the center top. Glue the candy in rows working from left to right so the candy on each successive row covers the top of the row before. The rows are placed across the wreath.

Place the bow at the center top with the narrow ribbon anchored under the bow. The scissors are tied with a knot to the opposite end of the 18" ribbon. This wreath can be hung on the door and guests can cut off a candy, as they like.

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