"The Xmas elf"
created by: Helen-Carol Soucy

Here are different ideas to use your mini-elves

- The mini-elves can be hung in the Christmas tree with a 6" gold cord threaded through the hat.

- They can be used to decorate a Christmas wreath, or a Christmas stocking.

- For a festive table center piece for Christmas, you can glue on a wooden base, 2 or 3 elves dressed in different colors, a small artificial Xmas tree. Under the tree, you may want to glue a small round piece of felt like a tree skirt. Decorate the tree with tiny purchased decorations, tiny bells or balls, or tiny pinecones, small garland. Wrap small jewelry boxes (actual gifts, optional) in xmas paper or fabric and garnish with ribbons, or use empty jewelry boxes to create the same effect, and place the small presents (full or empty boxes) under the miniature Xmas tree. (refer to page 1, for a photo of a table center).

- As a different table decoration: you could glue mini-elves individually on small pieces of wood. Scatter the elves here & there on the table, or place one in front of each guess invited at your Christmas dinner. You may even want to give a mini-elf to each guess.

- You can make several mini-elves & place them in a sitting position, and then, with a hot glue gun (should be handled by an adult only), glue each mini-elf onto plain napkin rings. Your Christmas table will look very inviting. Your guests will be delighted.

- You may glue another mini-elf in a sitting position, on the edge of a candy bowl, or on top of cookie boxes or candy jars you want to offer as Xmas gifts.

- Mini-elves could decorate each side of a Xmas gift basket, one hand could be wrapped around and glued to the basket handle, as if the elves were holding the basket.

- As an other alternative, with a small gold cord threaded through the hat, attach the elf on a gift box wrapped in festive paper and ribbon. The elf can replace the usual bow.

- Or for a larger gift box, place the elf in a sitting position (the hands wrapped around the knees, holding a tiny poinsettia, or a holly leaf, or a small Xmas ball glued between the hands) then, with a hot glue gun (should be handled by adults only), glue the elf in the middle of a large bow, in a sitting position. It will please each present recipient.

- Mini-elves make ideal small decorations for the office, or children's room. They make great gifts to school teachers, friends or neighbours. They even can be made by children (with adult's supervision), to be offered to grand-parents or friends at Christmas.

- You may also imagine one of your elves holding a tiny wreath, or holding a list of children's names who will get visited by Santa on Xmas Eve: Just cut a piece of paper 1" wide by 6" long (or longer), then with a gold pen write on the list, all the names of the children you know in your family, friends or neighbours. Then wrap each end of the list around a pencil to curl the paper slightly. Then place the list between the elf hands, glue the list just a little over the hands. This step might be easier with a hot glue gun. (Hot glue gun should be handled by adults only).

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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