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Air Freshener Angel

Airfreshener Angel


One 2 1/2 oz. adjustable Renuzit air freshener
Small scrap of felt in flesh color
One 2 1/2" Styrofoam ball or wooden flat bottom ball
18" pre-gathered double layered lace 2 1/2" wide
1 single chenille stem gold or white iredescent
Small purchased or hand made ribbon rose (1 or more to hold)
Craft or hot glue gun and glue
Serrated knife
Paint in flesh, eye color, red/pink for mouth and cheeks
Small amount of doll hair or yarn
Purchased wings or 18" of 2 1/2" wide gold or silver wired ribbon
Small piece of flesh colored felt
Pattern for hands ** above beside angel**

Slice a small piece off one side of the foam ball to make a flattened area. Glue the flat side to the top of the lid on the Renuzit. Draw a hairline on your angel with a light pencil. Paint a layer of Gesso over the entire portion of the face. Allow to dry.

Paint the face area with flesh color. Add the features and allow to dry. Cut the chenille stem into one 3" length and one 9" length. use the 3" length form a circle for the halo and set aside.

With the 9" length glue across the center back of the Renuzit container just below the head. Cut two pieces of the pre-gathered lace 1 1/2" long for your sleeve, one 9" long for the lower skirt.

The remaining piece will be used as the top of the gown and may need to be gathered slightly to fit. Glue the 6" piece around the container just above the ridge so when placed flat on the ground it just touches the ground all the way around.

Using the pattern trace and cut out four mitten hands (cut two and then two reversed). Glue the two mitten hands, one on either side, of the chenille stem end making sure the thumbs are facing the same way and the chenille stem is sandwiched inside the two pieces. Repeat on the other side as a second hand. Glue the 3" length of pre-gathered lace to form a tube. Slide it up over the hand with the gathering next to and attached with glue to the top of the container just below the neck.

Repeat for the second sleeve.

Fold the remaining pre-gathered lace in half and in half again cutting a small slit 1/4 of the way from the opening. Place this around the top of the container gluing it to the container and gathering it slightly allowing the slits to go front and back on each arm letting the sleeves hang out and glue the lace in place. There is no need to worry about the opening in back it will be covered by the wings.

Fold the gold/sliver wired ribbon so the two ends cross and meet in the middle to form the wings. Wrap the crossover with a piece of wire to hold them in place. Glue to the back of the angel, tacking the back closed as you attach the wings.

Bring the angels arms together in front placing the purchased or hand made ribbon roses in her hand. An additional ribbon rose can be glued in place in the center of the wings to cover the wire wrap.

With your choice of doll hair or yarn glue the hair to the angels head being sure to cover all the white areas around the face. Add a dot of glue to your chenille stem halo and place it on the angels hair-do.

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