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Sun Catcher Angel

Angel picture


Plastic Art Chips by Color Your World in colors of your choice
Paint with a writer tip, colors to match the Art Chips
White craft glue and stick applicater or cotton swabs
Glitter (irridiscent works best but any compatible color can be used)
Hole punch
Cord for hanging
A sheet of Shrink plastic or acrylic approximately 5" X 6"
Option: An old picture frame with the glass in it can be used in place of the plastic or acrylic sheet.

Trace the picture of the angel onto the clear plastic using the writer tip paint. Set aside and allow to dry thoroughly. Spread glue in the area for one color and press the plastic Art Chips into the glue and allow to dry. Repeat with each additional color. 

Allow to dry completely. Spread a very thin film of craft glue over the rest of the plastic, sprinkle with irridiscent glitter and allow to dry. Punch two holes in the top of your plastic sheet, attach the hanger and hang where the sun can sparkle on it. 

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As seen on Aleene's! Plastic art chips useful for many surfaces! Craft Projects, candle embellishments and more!

Color Your World
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San Jose CA 95123
PH: 408-629-3276
FAX: 408-365-8556
E:mail: Colorwld@flash.net


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Web Of Angels!
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