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Hope Angel

Hope Angel picture.


5" X 10" piece of Wimpole Street Creations chenille
One Wimpole Street Creations 6" fabric & Battenburg bell
One Wimpole Street Creations small natural round knit bag
One 3 & 1/2" wooden primitive star
Heavy wire 9" and 18"
24" fine gold wire
One yard of 1/16" white satin ribbon
Two yards of linen thread
Chenille needle
Two 3 mm black beads
Different size dowel sticks or paint brush handles
  1. Paint all sides of the star with raw umber. Let dry. Thin the gold paint with a small amount of water. Dab a cotton ball in the paint and blot excess paint on paper towel. Lightly dab on the star to give a rusted look. Let dry.
  2. Fold the chenille in half, right sides together, to form a square. Sew the sides using a 1/4" seam allowance to form a bag. Turn right side out. Hand-stitch 1/2" from the top edge using the 1/16" ribbon, starting and ending at the center front. Lightly stuff with fiberfil.
  3. Stuff the small natural bag and tighten the drawstring for a head. Knot and trim the threads. Hand-sew the beads for eyes and add blush for cheeks. Place the head inside the top of the body. Pull the ribbon to fit snugly around the head. Tie the ribbon in a bow, glue to secure the head to the body.
  4. Bend the 9" piece of wire into two circles for the halo (see diagram). Glue the halo to the back of the head. Trim the bell as shown for wings. Glue the star and wings to the angel.Wrap the remaining wires around different sized dowels or paint brush handles. Form into a heart shape and glue to the front of the angel.
  5. Thread a 9" piece of ribbon through the back of the angel's head. Tie in a knot for a hanger
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