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Angel Bear Head Pin

Angel Bear Head Pin

by Cynthia Farabee


Scraps of felt, Upholstery Velvet or fabric of choice
Smallest pair of purchased angel wings
Small amount of stuffing
Needle and thread to match
Optional: sewing machine
Optional: 4mm to 6mm black glass bead
Dark brown Pearl cotton (medium weight)
Small musical instrument found in Christmas supplies
Gold cord 3" (for halo)
Lightweight cardboard for template

All pieces are templates. Trace your pattern onto the lightweight cardboard and cut out on the line. Using this as a template trace around each pattern piece on the wrong side of your fabric. Sew on the line with right sides of the fabric together leaving it open where marked. Cut out each piece leaving a 1/8" seam allowance.

Turn and lightly stuff the bear head. Ladder stitch the opening closed. Turn the ears but do not stuff. Ladder stitch the opening closed and then ladder stitch to the head using the picture for positioning.

Position the bead for the bears eye and using a satin stitch and your pearl cotton fill in the nose adding an upside down "Y" below the nose to form the mouth. Option: The eye can be made of the pearl cotton using a large French knot.

The arms are one continuous piece. Turn and stuff them lightly in the paw area at both ends leaving the center unstuffed. Whip stitch the opening closed. Place the bottom of the bears head over the unstuffed area of the arm and stitch in place.

Stitch your musical instrument right next to the head on the arm piece. Wrap the paw back around the musical instrument and tack in place. Bring the paw from the other side up over so the bear looks like it is hugging the musical instrument and tack that paw in place.

Stitch the wings to the back of the arm area. Stitch the pinback in place extending from the head onto the arms in the center back. Tack the halo on. It can be tipped over one ear or placed square on top of the little bears head.

These are quick. easy to make pins that serve as Christmas tree ornaments or small gifts.

Pattern pieces for bear head pin.

Pattern pieces are templates, a seam allowance must be added.

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