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Bear/Bunny/Mouse Angel Pin

Beginner Angel Bear


These animal angel pins are all made from the same basic pattern. The only changes are in the patterns for the ears, embellishments and minor differences in the embroidery of the nose and mouth. 

They can be made of felt or velour and embellished however you like as a Christmas or an every day wearable ornament. You can also change them from a pin to a tree ornament with the addition of a thread hanger or they can be pinned to the branch of the tree.

The Sample was made using upholstery velvet, a tiny angel doll, a porcelain rose and purchased lace wings. 


Scraps of felt, velour or fabric of your choice
Embroidery thread for mouth & nose in color of your choice
Tiny black glass beads approx. 3mm or 4mm for eyes
Purchased lace wings
Needle & thread to match fabric
Small amount of Fiberfil for stuffing
Pin Back
Craft glue
Sewing machine
Pattern template cut from light plastic or light cardboard
Ribbon, lace and embellishments of your choice

Trace the pattern pieces onto your template material and cut them out. These are the sewing lines. Fold the fabric right sides together and trace on the wrong side *do not cut out yet*. Sew around the pattern pieces leaving an opening at the neck area of both the body piece and the head. Cut out each piece, clip, turn and stuff medium firm. Whip stitch the neck opening closed on the body piece and set aside. 

Embroider the nose in a satin stitch. Place the mouth as an upside down Y ending at the base of the nose. Sew around each ear, cut out, clip and turn. Ladder stitch the opening closed and ladder stitch to the head using the picture for placement. 

Leaving a long tail sticking out insert a beading needle through the opening in the neck area of the head exiting where the right eye should be placed through one bead and entering back in the eye area through the head exiting at the neck. Pull the two ends to sink the eye bead into the head slightly and tie off firmly. Repeat for the second eye. 

Clip the threads, ladder stitch the opening closed. With a double threaded needle enter the center back of the body exit in the neck area take one stitch into the base of the head. Reenter the neck of the body and exit at the center back. Pull firmly and tie off the thread. Repeat this step a second time tying off again. 

If adding a pin back sew through the center hole in the pin back and wrap stitch around the pin back bar up to the top hole through it wrapping the bar again to the bottom hole wrap again to the center hole of the pin back and tie off with the thread end using a double knot or a square knot and clip the thread . 

Add embellishments of your choice to decorate your bear, bunny or mouse. 

Pattern for Bear

This is quick and easy pattern and can be made in multiples as Christmas gifts or great bazaar sale items. They can be priced at $3.00 to $10.00 each depending on your location and the embellishments used. 

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