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Jingle Bell Angel

Jingle Bell Angel


1 25 mm white or gold-colored jingle bell
1 1 1/2-inch wooden ball
9-inch piece of 2-inch wide wire ribbon
6-inch piece of 2-inch wide gathered lace
Woolen hair or mini curls
Tinsel stem
1/4-inch ribbon for bow
Thin gold wire or light weight florist wire
Hot glue gun
Flesh paint
Black paint or paint pen
Red paint or paint pen
Pair of needle nosed pliers
  1. Paint wooden ball flesh color and allow to dry.
  2. Using needle nosed pliers, bend or remove hanger loop from top of jingle bell . (This allows wooden ball to sit down on top of bell)
  3. After paint is dry on wooden ball, arrange hair and glue into place. Draw or paint eyes and mouth. Use blush to make light rosey cheeks. (Use the tip of your finger to rub blush on wooden ball)
  4. Glue wooden ball to top of jingle bell.
  5. Allow glue to set a few minutes before attaching skirt.
  6. Using needle and thread, stitch a running stitch along the upper edge of lace. Gather to fit between the wooden ball and the jingle bell. Secure thread. (You can use a small dot of hot glue to close the "seam" in back.)
  7. Make wings with the wire ribbon. Fold ribbon in half from each end with the ends meeting in the center and slightly overlapping. Secure with a piece of thin wire (light weight florist wire or thin gold wire)
  8. Attach wings to back of angel using hot glue. (You can attach a hanger between the angel and wings, if desired. Hanger can be made from fishing line, ribbon, gold wire or thin braid.)
  9. Cut tinsel stem and form a 1 & 1/2-inch to 2-inch circle for the halo.
  10. Glue the halo along the back half and attach to the back of the head - the halo will stand up slightly above the head when finished. 
  11. Form a bow from the ribbon and glue it in front at the neckline.
  12. Other embellishments may be added if desired.

  13. Remember - "Every time a bell rings an angel wins its wings."

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