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Wooden Button Face Angel Pin

Wooden Button Face Angel Pin


12" of 2" wide fancy ribbon
1 wooden button 1 & 1/2" in diameter
Small amount of doll hair
Small piece of glitter stem
Craft glue
Pin back
Black and pink permanent marker
Instructions: Using the face as a guide draw two closed eyes with eye lashes and a mouth with your permanent markers. Glue doll hair around the top half of the button forming a hair-do. 

Fold both ends of your fancy ribbon toward the center overlapping them slightly. Use a small piece of chenille stem to gather the ribbon slightly in the middle. Glue the button over this loop. 

Glue a piece of glitter stem across the angels forehead as her halo and glue the pinback to the back of the button head where it extends above the wings. 

Sign your name and the year on the back of the button head and it is ready to wear or give as a gift.. 

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