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Garden Angel Plant Sign

Garden Angel Plant Sign


The angel button card from Crafty Productions, Inc.
Wood sign
Craft stick
Craft glue or hot glue and glue sticks
Permanent marker
Water based varnish
Foam brush
Sheet of paper and pencil

In the project we used Forster wood slat and craft sticks. However any purchased wood sign or scrap of wood can be used to make the sign and the stakes to put it on.

To allow room for your writing a buttons draw the size and shape of your sign board on a sheet of paper. Decide what you will write and position it on the paper until you have it right. Transfer it to your board with your permanent marker. The sample sign reads:

My garden (space for angel button) helps the
(sun button) shine, the rain (watering can tipped so rain looks like it is falling out of the can) fall and
makes the (flower button) grow.

We added the bunny button without comment just because it was cute.

Glue the stakes to the back and since it will be used in a flower box or flower pot it would be a good idea to place two or three coats of water based varnish over all to protect the wood sign and buttons from moisture.

Although we made our sign on a wood board these buttons lend themselves to a felt banner or wall hanging where you can sew the buttons on. It would also work on a gardening apron as embellishments.

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Craft Productions Inc. Buttons

Crafty Productions Inc.

PH: 760-736-8130
OR: 800-925-6838
FAX: 760-736-8131

Crafty Productions, Inc manufactures over 48 styles of handpainted wooden buttons and pins in a variety of themes. School, baby,sports, sealife, garden, bugs, animals, birdhouses and trucks are just a few of the groupings. Crafty buttons not only embellish clothes, but they also make frames, totebags and other projects come to life. Simple to use and fun for the crafter to design their own one-of-a-kind originals! These can be found at most major craft stores including Michaels, Joann's Fabric and Craft Stores and Hobby Lobby Stores.

This inovative company also has Memory Blocks, Flexi-Stamps, Flexi-Stencils, Wooden Trinket Necklace Kits, Kidstamps, Crafty Pins and Crafty Wood. If you don't see them ask for these fun products.

Crafty Productions Inc

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