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Cherub pattern

This little angel measures close to 3 1/2" tall but can be reduced or enlarged. The pattern is a template so the line is the sewing line and you will need to add a seam allowance of approx.. 1/4". 


2 pieces of woven fabric 5" X 6" for doll
2 pieces of woven fabric 4" X 5" for wings
Thread to match
Hand sewing needle
Sewing machine
Embroidery floss, fabric paints or pens for face
Lace, trims and embellishments of your choice to dress and decorate your angel pin-doll 
Option: Use purchased wings

The pattern pieces are templates. When traced the line drawn is the seam line so you must add seam allowances of approximately ¼". 

Place your fabric right sides together and sew following the line with a double sewing machine seam or short hand sewn backstitch. Completely around the doll if adding pattern wings. If you are using purchased wings leave an opening from under one arm down onto the leg on one side to turn. 

If using the pattern wings place right sides together and sew completely around the wings, clip curves and trim seam allowance to ¼" on both the doll and the wings. Place a slit in the center of the back of the doll and the back of the wings, turn through the slit, smooth your seams and stuff lightly. Whip stitch the slashes closed. Dress and embellish your doll as you choose. If adding the wing ladder stitch the slit side to the back of the doll. Add a pin back or thread hanger to your Angel. 

Dressing your little Angel: 

Dress Pattern

The simplest costume is a (3" wide X 1 1/2" long for short skirt and X 2" for long ) piece of wired ribbon. Remove the wire from the bottom edge of the ribbon and cut a small slit half an inch from each end (see diagram) for the armholes. With your finger and craft glue spread a little glue on the cuts and allow to dry. This will prevent ravels. 

Gather the remaining 3" side and use the wire to attach around the Angels neck. Stick the arms through the slits and glue a little lace around the arms as sleeves.Glue the back of the dress closed and add your choice of trims. Glue trims to make her hair.. Add a thread hanger and she is ready to decorate the tree or a package. 

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