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Macaroni Ornaments

Macaroni Angel front view
by Debra and Angelique Albright


Assorted Macaroni, or Pasta example: Penne (body)
Elbow (arms)
Shells (head)
Stars (hands and feet)
Cupcake Bake Cups (white)
Glue (I used Tacky Glue)
Acrylic Paint: White, Red, Black, Gold and Champagne Glitter
Toothpicks (for painting details)
Macaroni Angel side view



Glue together (open side to open side) 2 Shells - head

Glue a Star to the inside of an Elbow (make 2) - arms with hands

Glue 2 Stars to the inside front of a Penne - body and feet

While letting the above set for a while, cut wings from Cupcake Bake Cup. Cut the cup into two equal pieces, then place each piece atop each other and fold in half (with the ridges in the cup resembling the feathers), cut the shape of one wing leaving the area at the fold uncut (this is where the wings join and the area used to glue to the body)

Note: You might want to use pinking shears to cut the lower edge of the wings to add to the affect of feathers

Paint details on wings with Gold or Champagne Glitter paint

Now glue the head to the upper opening of the Penne (Place the head so the seam of the joined shells are at the sides, inside the Penne and at the top or the head) We wouldn't want a seam running through the face :(

Glue the arms to the Penne at the sides in whatever direction you prefer

Glue the wings to the back of the Penne, Place a loop of string between the Penne and the wings for your hanger

Now paint the face, hands and feet White, the body and Arms Champagne Glitter paint

Paint a circle with gold glitter paint at the top of the head for a halo .

Paint the details on the face with a toothpick.

Have fun, express your own creativity with these :)

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My name is Debra Albright, I'm a very busy mother of 5, and the owner of CROCHET MAMA'S HOUSE and CROCHETMAMA'S CRAFT CLOSET. My Macaroni Angel was inspired as a result of the 1995 No. California flood. We had lost all of our possesions and were trying to replace them all, so our Christmas was very bleak. We couldn't even afford to buy ornaments for our tree (a little plastic one someone donated to us). My oldest daughter (9 yrs at the time) and I sat down and went through our cupboards to figure what to do (ex. popcorn garland, etc) I saw the different Pasta and was inspired by the shapes. And there you have her,

Our Macaroni Angel !! We made many that year and have passed them out to friends and family. They make wonderful package toppers too! I hope you Love her as much as we do. She also has a companion Santa Ornament located at my craft closet site noted above.



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