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Plaster Angel Candleholder and Box

Plaster Angel Projects


Plaster angel candleholder and/or angel box
DecoArt Heavenly Hues Transparent Washes in:
DHH02 Soft Black
DHH11 Country Blue
DHH03 Heavenly Gray
DHH16 Earth Brown
DHH17 Heavenly Gold
DHH08 Misty Mauve
DHH18 Starlight Crystal
DecoArt DAS13 Matte Spray Sealer/Finisher
#2 Liner brush
1/4" Glaze brush
#8 Shader brush
Sponge and water

1. Brush a coat of Country Blue Heavenly Hues on the wings of the candleholder angel and the bottom portion of the angel box. Wipe off with a damp sponge.

2. Brush a coat of Heavenly Grey on the candleholder angels' pillar and wipe off.

3. Brush a coat of Shadow Tan on all the angels' hair, wipe off, then brush on a coat of Golden Halo and wipe off.

4. Brush a coat of Angel Flesh on all flesh areas: wipe off.

5. Outline and fill in facial features with Earth Brown and Soft Black. Rouge in cheeks with Misty Mauve Heavenly Hues.

6. Brush a coat of Misty Mauve over angels' wings on angel box and wipe off.

7. Using Heavenly Gold, paint halo, line edge of candleholder angels' gown and brush decoration on pillar.

8. Spray pieces with Matte Spray Sealer. Brush a coat of Starlight Crystal on halo of candleholder angel and on wings of all angels.

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Heavenly Hues are transparent color washes that allow almost instant, one-step decorating. To achieve a soft, transparent watercolor-look on ceramic bisque, plaster or wood, simply brush these washes on, then wipe off with a sponge or cloth. Heavenly Hues can be used over opaque Americana Acrylics to create an added depth of color as well as an antique look.

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