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Antique Spoon Angel
by Jean Kievlan

AntiqueSpoon Angel


Stainless steel or Silverplated tablespoon
10" or 1/8" wood dowel
Two 1/2 " X 3/8" wood spools
White Battenburg lace tea towel
10" oval or 6" ecru crocheted round doily
Ivory embroidery floss.
Yellow dried yarrow
6" of gold cording
3/4" brass heart charm
One each small brass charms (heart, bow, mirror, cherub)
3/4" fancy gold and ivory button
Small tea dyed scraps of lace
Eight 3/8" assorted ecru/tan buttons
Needle and thread
Polyester stuffing
18" of 1/4" ecru satin ribbon
Pink powdered cosmetic blush,
Accent Light Peaches 'N Cream, Cottage Rose, Soft Black, Windsor Blue and White Wash acrylic paints
Spray acrylic sealer

1. Following Basic Instructions tea dye towel, crocheted doily and scraps of lace, let dry. Spray spoon with acrylic sealer. Paint one coat Light Peaches 'N Cream on back side (curved side) of spoon. Let dry.

Face, use back of spoon

2. Repeat coats of paint until thoroughly coated. Make sure paint dries between each coat. Dot eyes with Soft Black and let dry. Make a smaller dot over Black of Windsor Blue. Highlight center of Blue with a dot of White Wash. Paint mouth Cottage Rose.

3. When face is dry, rub cheeks with powdered blush. Cut a 4" strip of fabric across top (plain end) of tea towel. Cut strip to measure 4" X 10".

Diagram for Antique Spoon Angel

4. Turn under and narrow hem edges of sleeves if necessary. Fold fabric wrong sides together lengthwise and stitch a 1/4" seam.

5. Turn sleeve tube right side out. Wind floss around spools and blue. Insert a spool on each end of the dowel and glue. Insert dowel in tube arms, tie around center of sleeve and dowel with a piece of string or thread. Place a small amount of stuffing in each sleeve opening.

6. Hand gather across top edge of towel with needle and thread. Pull gathering threads up and tie dress around spoon. Hot glue in place on back of spoon.

7. Glue dowel arms on back neck of doll. Cut a slit in doily and slip over head of doll to make collar. Glue collar in place around neck. Glue ribbon around dowel near spools to make a hanger.

8. Glue heart charm and fancy button on neck, glue scraps of lace, buttons and charms on dress (refer to photo). Glue sprigs of yarrow around sides and back of head. Make a halo of gold cord and glue on head.

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