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A Christmas Craft Stick Angel

Designed by Shirley Burgess

Craft Stick Angel by Forster Inc.


Package of Forster Craft Sticks
1 1/4" Forster Head Bead
White and yellow chenille stems
White and blue paint
White craft glue
Pink rickrack
White glitter

Assembly diagram for angel


Make a tube of masking tape, sticky side out. Use it to hole a craft stick in position on the pattern, placint it over the first stick. Glue two more sticks to the first one, placing them over the second sticks shown in the pattern. Add two more pairs of sticks over the third and fourth ones on the pattern. When dry, remove the body from the pattern. The first stick forms the center front of the front side.


Cut eight sticks 3" long. Cut the sticks by scoring them with a craft knife and then breaking them along the scored line. Tape the first stick to the wing pattern as you did for the body and then glue three more sticks in place as indicated on the pattern. To make the second wing, tape the first stick over the fourth stick on the pattern. Add the other sticks in reverse order. Paint the wings white and sprinkle them with glitter while the paint is still wet.


Glue five of the 1 1/2" ends (left over from the wing sticks) to the back of the body, between the two outside sticks as shown. These sticks will hold the body level when the wings are added. Paint the body blue. Cut two hands, making them 3/4" long. Paint them white with a blue cuff. Glue them to the front of the body forming a little "V" at the center back. This "V" serves as a hanger. Add rickrack trim to the front of the body as pictured.


Glue the head bead onto the top of the body with the hole at the back. Add paper features. For the halo, shape a 3 1/2" piece of white chenille stem into a circle. Place a piece of waxed paper under the head and glue the halo to the top of the head, letting it rest on the paper. For hair, wrap yellow chenille stems around a pencil and then cut the coiled stem into small pieces(about one coil) to form ringlets. Glue the ringlets to the head. When dry, remove the waxed paper.

Enlarged details for assembly of angel body and wing

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