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Gold and Crystal Angel Pin
Gold and crystal Angel Pin
This angel was designed for E-6000 Glue, using jewelry findings from Bally Bead.

E-6000 Glue
Toothpick as a glue applicator
Cab 17 (Crystal round stone)
Cr-11 (Crystal circlet)
F-409 (Open heart for halo)
F-429 (l & r wings)
F-389 (skirt)
F-396 (bow at neck)
K-23 (a medium sized round pin back)

Begin building your angel from the pinback up. The first piece that is glued to the top half of the pad is the point of the heart. Below that but touching the heart glue the skirt piece. 

Next glue the wings on the pad but touching the heart and the skirt. Between the wings and on the point of the heart glue the crystal circlet and then add the crystal jewel. 

The bow is glued immediately below the circlet that forms the head. 


These are the findings I used but You can design your own Angel Pin by picking the different parts at any craft store. 

An Angel pin is made of a bead, a pearl or circlet and a stone as the head, an open circle, heart or fillagree disk for a halo, a pair of wings and a shape for the skirt. You can then add a bow for embelishment and a pin back. 

There are many findings of different shapes and colors from bright gold to antique and then into the silver colors. The circlets and jewels also come with clear or colored stones so you can make your own uniquel Angel using alternate findings for one or all of these elements.

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E6000 Glue
E6000 Glue is wonderful for metal to metal application. It holds well dries fast and is clear when dry. You can purchase this glue at your local craft outlets.
We can highly recommend E6000 Glue for use on non porous materials.
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