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Angel Journal
Journal or Card

Angel Stamp

The angel image is copyright protected by Hero Arts Rubber Stamp Inc.


G1225 Heart Patch Angel rubber stamp by Hero Arts
Stamp pad
Colored markers in colors to match picture or your choice of colors
1 sheet of buff or color of your choice cardstock
Hole punch
18" jute cord
2 Blank address labels
Decorative sticker
Cut and Fold Diagram for angel book

The diagram is not in correct proportion, see instructions for exact measurements.



This project makes a card or with additional inside pages can make a small book or journal. Following the instructions you can place an address label on the front and mail it as a gift card. 

The image on the stamp we used in the sample is 3" high by 2 1/2" wide. The U. S. Post Office minimum standard to mail is 3 1/2" X 5". A single sheet of card stock (normally 8 1/2" X 11") will make a card/book within the required size. 

Using the diagram as a guide score down the center of the 8 1/2" side of your cardstock. This would be 4 1/4" from each edge. Measure 3 2/3" down from the top and score across the page crossing your first line. Repeat at 3 2/3" from the bottom giving you three equal portions. Remove the upper and lower left hand corners. On the top third angle from the center to the sides to form a point. 

Cut the inner paper, (one sheet if it is a card. If you are making a book as many sheets as you like) just slightly smaller than the length and width of the middle third of your cardstock. Punch two holes through all sheets of paper and cardstock on the fold line at least an inch in from the top and bottom of the cut area. 

Thread the jute through the holes from the inside out, then from the outside in so your two ends are inside the card. Tie them in a bow. Fold the left hand extension to the middle. Stamp your angel picture in the area. Fold the bottom up and the top edge down tucking the point into the slit in the bottom third. 

Place a sticker over the tucked in point/slit, to hold it closed, when you are ready to mail. Place your label on the opposite or flat side. Address appropriately. 

Option: You can make your own sticker by stamping the angel used inside, cutting out just her head or to the waist. Use stick glue and apply it as above. 

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