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Kitchen Angel

Kitchen Angel with a perfect pie.

Kitchen Angel pattern from "Fimo Angels & Faeries" by Janet Farris.
Step by step picturesStep by step pictures


Fimo: caramel, champagne, magenta, black and white
Thick craft glue
Fine point black permanent marker
3/4" wide gold decorative wedding ring
Basic supplies
Cheeks: 3/8" caramel ball with 3/16" magenta ball
Pie pan: 1/4" black ball and 5/8" white ball
  1. Direction for a basic body and general supplies can be found detailed in the book. 
  2. Make a 3" body substituting caramel for flesh pink in the body blend and using the cheek blend above. Use black for the hair. Roll a 1/8" sheet each of white and magenta. Cut a 1/8" X 7" white strip. Cut a 2" X 7" magenta piece and lay it on waxed paper. Cut a 1/4" wide strip from one long side, insert the white strip, lay more waxed paper on top and gently roll to bond the two pieces. 
  3. Pleat the skirt in 1/8" folds. Place around the body 1/4" below the chin, overlapping slightly in back. Press in each pleat with a round pin head. 
  4. Similarly add two 1/16" magenta stripes to a 1 & 1/2" white square. Roll out and trim to 1 & ¾" square. Gather and attach over the dress front. 
  5. Cut a 1/4" X 3" strip from the white sheet and wrap it just above the apron top for a yoke. Trim excess in the back. Hollow two 1/2" magenta balls with a pin head. Insert an arm in each, using the sculpting tool to close the sleeve and add gathers. Attach one sleeve on each side of the yoke. Bend the elbows to bring the hands forward, thumbs up. 
  6. Flatten the pie pan blend to a 1" disk and bend up the edges. Flatten a 1/2" magenta ball to fill the pan. Cut 1/8" X 1" strips from a 1/16" thick champagne sheet. Lay four across the pie one way and four more crossing them. Trim the excess. Roll a 1/8" X 4" strip to a snake and place it around the pie, fluting it with the sculpting tool. Place the pie in her hands and use scrap clay to build a prop under it to support it in baking.
Wing and Heart pattern.
  1. Trace the wing and heart patterns. Cut two wings from a 1/8" champagne sheet, turning the pattern over for the second wing. Score stitches around the edges with the back of the knife blade. Cut a heart from a 1/16" magenta sheet and attach to the tip of her right wing. Attach the wings to the angel's back. Stand her on parchment to bake one hour at 250 degrees F. Let cool. Draw black eyebrows with the pen. Paint the eyes with lacquer and glue the ring to her head.
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Kitchen Angel pattern from "Fimo Angels & Faeries" by Janet Farris.
A step by step guide to 14 delightful projects on faeries & angels in Fimo.

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