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Magnetic Angel
by Bluebonnet Crafters
Picture Pattern for Magnetic Angel

The Magnet Source magnetic sheeting in red, gold, and silver
Acrylic paint in flesh tone, mouth color and hair color of your choice
Option: Glitter and permanent marker
Angel gown
The heart wings


Print out the pattern pieces tracing the gown on the red and the heart shaped wings on gold. Also from the gold draw and cut out the halo. From the silver sheet trace and cut out the star and the circle for the face.

Glue the face circle onto the heart using the picture as your guide. Glue the red gown so it touches the round head piece. Set the star aside for now. Paint the circle with your flesh tone paint. Using the hair color, draw two little curved lines for her closed eyes and paint tiny eyelashes along the curve. Make two dots for her nose and paint the mouth. Allow this to dry.

In painting the hair you will paint part of it on the circle to represent her bangs and the part of her hair that comes on her cheeks. The hair color will also go on the gold around the head slightly following the picture for placement. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Glue the star in place.

Options: This angel can be personalized by writing the name across the star with a pemanent marker. Designs can be drawn with the glue and sprinkled with glitter to make her fancier.

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This colorful Magnetic Sheeting is available at your local craft outlet. If you don't see it be sure to ask for it.

Magnetic sheeting allows you to make your own magnets from your designs or patterns. It is available in 2 popular sizes, 5" X 8" and 8 1/2" X 11". These sheets can be easily cut, glued and decorated. The surface is very paintable. Look for the project ideas included in the package.

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