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Miniature Angel Bear
2 3/4" Celestina Bear

Celestina Bear


black seed beads
black very fine permanent marker
black embroidery floss
#9 or #10 quilting needle
embroidery needle
upholstery fabric
ultra suede
small gold wings
gold wire shaped into a halo
matching thread
black sewing thread or white dental floss (for the placing of the eyes)
stuffing (cotton batting or polyfil)
tweezers or hemostats (for turning the pieces)
orangewood stick or bamboo skewer or metal cuticle pusher
(for help with turning and stuffing your bear)
Pattern Pieces
Pattern Lay-out


Cut out all pieces just inside the lines.

The bear can be sewn in one of two ways. The first is to place right sides together and use the backstitch. The piece will then be turned right side out. Another method is called the whipstitch. Wrong sides are sewn together; no turning is then needed.


Begin by sewing the side body pieces together leaving an opening in the back. 


Sew the side pieces together from point A to B. Make a knot at point B but do not cut the thread. Insert the gusset. Make one stitch on either side of the head piece's seam. This will help to center the gusset to the head. Then continue sewing the gusset to one side of the head. Knot and cut your thread. Begin at the nose and sew the other side head piece to the gusset. Leave the neck open for stuffing and insertion of eyes.


Sew paw pad to short arm piece then stitch the arms together leaving an opening as shown.


Sew from the top of the opening to the toe. Then from the bottom of the opening to the heel. Next insert the foot pads and sew them to the bottom of the foot. 

The pieces are now turned if the backstitch was used. Gently make a well in the section farthest from the opening using an orangewood stick. Gently with the tweezers, firmly grasp the well and pull through the opening. 

Stuff the head firmly. Decide on eye placement. Double your black thread, upholstery thread or even clear waxed dental floss can be used to place the eyes. Insert the needle through the neck opening and out at the place for the eye. String the eye on the needle and bring back down and out the neck. Firmly knot each set of eye strings trying to bring the eye in as far as possible. Then knot the sets together and cut leaving a small amount of string that can be tucked inside the head cavity. Stitch the neck opening close. Knot but do not cut the string. Stuff the body but do not close. Place head on body. Stitch through the base of neck and out the body opening. Return to head and repeat until firmly attached. Close the body opening. 

Stuff the arms and legs closing with a ladder stitch.

Double and knot thread for jointing of limbs. Use the large needle. Run needle through body, through the limb and out the other side of the body and through the opposite limb. Repeat until firmly attached but yet moveable.


Sew ears right side together from point A to B, turn and close at bottom if using backstitch. If using whipstitch no turning is needed just close the bottom. Decide on placement and attach to head. Using a single strand of black embroidery floss to create a nose and mouth. 

Thread halo's staff through a large needle. Insert needle on the back of head and come out 1/8 to 1/4 inch later. Once the tail of the halo has emerged pull it up to where the halo was inserted into the head and wrap around. Sew the wings to bear's back.

Take your time creating your little bruin and enjoy.

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My name is Cynthia Prusaits and I have been creating miniature teddy bears for the past five years. I became interested in these little bruins after reading an article in our local newspaper about an artist creating miniature teddy bears.

That afternoon I purchased my first teddy bear magazine which gave me sources to find fabric, supplies, kits and teddy bear clubs. 

I have been teaching miniature teddy bear classes at the Monroe County Community College for four years and this will be my second year with Gerweck's Homespun Fabrics. With the encouragement of my students I have created a catalog of my designs in the form of kits and patterns for retail and wholesale. 

This kit sells for $12.00 which includes shipping. 

To purchase the kits and patterns contact
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