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Angel Gift Ornament
Wooden Bag

Wooden Bag Angel Ornament

These small ornaments work well as a holder for small gifts for the "angels" in your life.


Small wooden bag or box
Paint, color of your choice
Angel sticker
Water based varnish
Gold marking pen
Cardstock and jute to make your own box
Diagram for making the ornament box


In the sample we used a small purchased wooden box that looks like a bag/sack. It was inexpensive and purchased at a local discount store. If not available in your area here are the instructions to make one of either cardstock or lightweight cardboard such as a file folder.

The stickers we used in the sample are "Expressions from Hallmark". You may use any angel stickers or with the recipe included below make your own stickers.

Following the diagram score your cardstock along all the fold lines. Slit the lower portion marked in red. Fold the slit mark toward the middle and glue the smallest fold to the inside forming an open top box. Our sample is approximately 2" across the front, 1" deep and 2 1/4" in height but this can be adjusted to the size you need.

Using a small punch or an awl make a hole on the two narrow sides approximately 1/2" from the top and thread your jute from the outside to the inside of the box tying a knot in the end. Repeat on the other side to form the handle. Decorate with the angel stickers of your choice.

To personalize put the name of the recipient on the back and sign your name under it.

To make your own stickers, stamp pictures on paper or cut them out of gift wrap, magazines, etc. Place 5 tsp. of flavored gelatin in a heat resistant bowl adding 2 tsp. of boiling water. Mix until dissolved. Paint the back of your sticker with this solution and allow to dry. These stickers can then be moistened and positioned as needed.

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