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Angel Photo Ornaments

Angel Photo Ornament


Creative Paperclay®
Large Cookie Cutters
Waxed Paper
Acrylic Paints
A Paint Brush
A Rolling Pin
Spray Lacquer
Paper clips

Roll out the Paperclay® between two sheets of waxed paper with the rolling pin until it's about 1/4" thick.

Use the cookie cutters to cut out the ornament. You may trace the picture and use it as your pattern.

In the middle of the ornament cut out the circle for the photo.

Push a paper clip into the top of the moist Paperclay® ornament.

Let your ornament dry a day or so or put them in the oven for about 40 minutes at 250 degrees. Be sure to turn them over after they're half dry so both sides dry evenly.

Paint as desired.

After the paint dries, spray with lacquer.

After the lacquer dries, glue your photo on from the back of the ornament.

Tie a ribbon through the paper clip so your personalized ornament can be hung on a wall, a door, or a Christmas tree!

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Creative Paperclay® products are available in art & craft stores nationwide.

To find a local dealer or distributor in the US call: 1-800-899-5952 Outside the US call: 805-484-6648 or fax 805-484-8788

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Creative Paperclay® is a unique new air hardening modeling material. It requires no firing or baking. It is clean, odorless and easy to use. Creative Paperclay® contains no clay however it feels similar to an earthen clay.

It can be sculpted, molded or shaped while it's moist and it accepts and retains fine details. It adheres easily to wood, canvas, and most surfaces without using glue!

Best of all Creative Paperclay® air dries hard similar to a soft wood. It is very lightweight and durable. It can be carved or sanded after hardening. It is just like painting on wood or paper and any paint works well. If you prefer, water based paint may be kneaded into the Paperclay® while it's still moist. Finally to protect your projects from dirt and moisture, we recommend that you seal them with a coat of lacquer.

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