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Angelic Angel


Trace pattern pieces to make your own templates.  Or you can trace directly on to the smooth side of your fusible web.  Follow directions on your fusible web.

After tracing designs on to your fusible web iron on to the fabric of your choice and then cut out. The Placement should start down avout 2 1/2" to 3" down the neck ribbing.  Then determine the proper placement on garment. Placement varies with the size of your shirt or create your own layout.

Angel should be placed on first then ribbon should be placed in and around angel.  Leaves can be placed under and on top of ribbon. Iron down. Next add stars.

Finishing edges, you can either sew (zig zag, buttonhole stitch, etc.) or put shirt on a t-shirt board and add glitter paint to the edges.

If glitter paint is used it must dry before shirt is removed from board. Add embellishments if you choose. I swirled gold glitter paint around.

Add embellishments if you choose.

Note: Pre printed leaves are good to use aslo, or you can cut leaves from pattern enclosed. Also any type of fabric can be used, it doesn't have to be a holiday. Enjoy.

Click HERE for Pattern.

You can use a photo copier to enlarge or shrink the pattern to your desired size.

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