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Spoon Angel

Spoon Angel


A plastic picnic spoon
Black and red permanent marker
Small amount of hair material
Wired ribbon 3" wide X 5" long
Ribbon for wings, 6" long X at least 1 1/2" wide 
Craft glue
6" piece of gold thread, cord or ribbon
Small bow or ribbon rose for decoration
Piece of gold trim or cord or chenille stem for halo approx. 3" long

Using the pattern draw a face on the back of your spoon. Remove the wire from one side of the ribbon only. Gather the ribbon along the remaining wire. 

With craft glue turn the cut end of the ribbon under, place glue on it and overlap the second raw edge. This will form a complete circle with the gather. 

Place the handle of the spoon into the ribbon circle so the wire can be wrapped at the base of the spoon forming a dress for your angel. 

Apply craft glue to the top and sides of the spoon and in the bowl. Add your hair material and thread hanger into the glue and allow to dry. 

Fold the wing ribbon, both ends to the center, pinch them slightly together and apply glue to the side with the cut ends. Place this on the back of the angel just below her hair. Glue the bow or ribbon rose at her neckline in the front to cover the wire. 

Glue the gold trim cord or chenille stem around your angels forehead to form a halo add a thread hanger. Allow glue to dry. 

Write your name on the spoon handle and hang your Angel on the tree or use her on a present. 

You can write the names of your friends and family on the handle of the Spoon Angels and use them as place cards at a special dinner. 

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