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Tassel Angel Ornament

Tassel Angel


1 small Christmas ball in gold approximately 3/4" in diameter and comes on a stem
1 skein gold metallic floss
2 gold holly or poinsettia shaped leaves 1 & 1/2" long
Ribbon rose, fancy button or other trim 
Fine wire (28 gauge) 
Craft glue

In a craft store I came across a Christmas pick that had the head and wings for three angels but if that is not available the angel can be composed of individual leaves and small glass ornaments on a chenille stem. 

Make a tassel using your metallic floss and wrap a half inch from one end. Wrap with a piece of the floss that has been dipped in craft glue. 

Place the stem of the ornaments through the top loops of the tassel. Take a few strips from each side, bring them to the front and knot together where the hands should be. 

Glue your embellishment on the knot and glue a piece of the floss to the top of the angels' head to form a hanger. 

Glue the two wings (leaves) to the back of the angel on the wrapping. Trim the bottom loops evenly. If you wish you can leave the ends looped or you can trim the bottom of the skirt straight across. 

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