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Tree Top Angel with Porcelain Head and Hands

Tree Top Angel


Porcelain head and hands, head measures approx. 1 and 1/2" tall, total angel is about 8" tall
1 set of Abaca wings 5" tall x 7" across both wings
1 four inch crocheted doily for collar (round or square)
12" of 1/4" satin ribbon
Approximately 24" of 3 and 1/2" to 4" wide scalloped lace for an overskirt
2 pieces of scalloped lace 3" wide X 1 and 1/2" long to match the overskirt for the under sleeves
18" X 5 and 1/2" fabric for skirt (type of fabric will determine kind of Angel)
1 piece 6" X 6" skirt fabric for bodice
A five pointed star about 1 and 1/2" long 
1 small gold ribbon rose
Circle 1 and 1/2" in diameter of tiny star garland for halo
Small amount of doll hair, color of your choice
Cardboard or clear plastic cone as the base
Craft glue
Needle and thread
Chenille stem
Iridescent Prisma glitter
Spray adhesive or hair spray

Hem the two sides of the 6" square of fancy fabric. Fold in half and cut a small circle for her neck. If necessary make a small slit to fit over her head. Cut the center out of the crocheted doily enough to slide over her head. 

Diagram of Angel arms


Sew the 1 and 1/2" length of each piece of lace to form the sleeves. Fold the chenille stem from the end toward the middle forming a piece approximately 8 and 1/2" long. (Twist slightly to hold in place.) Dip the folded end in craft glue and insert at least 1" (the finished length of the arms should be about as long as the Angel is tall) into the arm of the angel. Take the two lace sleeves and glue them to the porcelain part of the arm **see diagram** when dry fold sleeve back toward hand allowing just the fingers to extend past the scalloped edge. Repeat for the other side. 

Center the chenille stem across the top of the cone and hold in place by gluing the head to the cone over the arms. Place the bodice over the angels head and glue to the porcelain shoulder plate around the neck. 

Place the doily over the head of the Angel and glue to the neckline of the bodice. If you use a square doily it can be positioned as a square collar or as a diamond with the points center front and back and over each shoulder. Before you glue in place be sure the upper sleeve (part of bodice) comes down to cover the beginning of the lace undersleeve. A little glue may be needed to anchor the upper sleeve to the lace undersleeve. 

Bring the hemmed side (back of the bodice) forward at the side of the angel and the front hem lap slightly and glue in place joining the sides and forming a sleeve around the arm. Repeat on the other side. 

Hem one long side of your brocade or fancy fabric and gather the unhemmed (waist) side. Sew or glue the opening closed down the back. Place the skirt around the angel with the right side toward the angels head (skirt will be on upside down, inside out). Glue in place. When dry fold the brocade skirt down covering the cone. This presents a fuller looking skirt. 

The gathered scalloped lace overskirt should have a flat finished edge. Gather this and glue or sew in place to cover the top of the brocade skirt. The overskirt is about 2" shorter than the brocade skirt. 

Punch a hole in the center of the star. Place glue on the stem of the gold rose and put it through the hole, trim the length of the stem and glue it in the angels hand (you can cut the stem a little longer and glue to both hands joined in front of the Angel). 

Using a dowel stick or small pill bottle wrap two strands of miniature star garland to form the halo. Place craft glue on the angels head and arrange the doll hair in the style you choose. (If you purchase head and hands that have the hair painted on you do not need to add hair). Glue the halo in place. 

Spray the Abaca wings with spray adhesive or extra hold hair spray. Sprinkle with the Prisma iridescent glitter and allow to dry. Turn over and repeat process for the back of the wings. Glue in place on the angels back. 

Alternate Wings can be made by folding wide ribbon (color to match) both ends to the middle and overlap slightly. Gather slightly and glue in place. You can also use purchased wings or glue feathers in place to form the wings. 

This angel can be used as a tree topper or as a stand alone ornament. I used an ecru for all her accessories and lace. The brocade is ecru base with both gold and silver in the design and gold embellishments. 

The Cardboard cone can be painted to match the Angels skirt to make it less noticeable. 

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