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Hair making for cloth dolls
(Some applications will also work for sculpted clay dolls)

by Judi Ward

    Learn some excellent and easy hairstyles for cloth dolls. Learn some  more difficult styles.  Learn how one basic method can make several different styles. Things to use for play doll hair, and how to apply them. Things to use for "don't touch" doll hair, and how to apply them.  Styling tricks and tools. All with step by step directions. Learn to make an "invisible" part with mohair and other fine fibers. (This method  can even be used with yarn.) This class won't leave you "hanging".

Below is the Table of Content for the class.

Class Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. What will my Doll be used for? What kinds of "hair" and attaching methods should I use?

  • Chapter 2. The simple, versatile, adaptable, center part style, with "add  ons" for styling variety.

  • Chapter 3.One ponytail, two ponytails, and adaptations of them.

  • Chapter 4. Making a fur wig cap, and adding ponytails and braids.

  • Chapter 5. The direct glue method, for fine fibers like mohair. This method can also be used for yarn, floss, etc.

  • Chapter 6. My "no stitches showing" part method, for center head seam, profile face, cloth dolls. Including a pattern for a doll head you can make using this method. Use this method in combination with the direct glue method for fine fibers. (or with yarn or floss)

Skills required: Intermediate Sewing 

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