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Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Ó 2002

 by Nora Creeach

Silk Ribbon Embroidery finds it's origin in France during the 1700's. Due to it's cost it was only available to royalty and the ladies of the court. Now you can learn the art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery right from your home!

This class will introduce you to the art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery. You will learn over fifty individual stitches. Also in the final lessons you will learn how to combine the different stitches to make a number of beautiful flowers and critters.

Close up of a Hummingbird.

The class includes a few projects that you can use for practice, hints and tips as well as instructions on transferring your patterns, using embossed velvet and printing on fabric.

A special feature for this class is you may send a sample of any stitch you have difficulty and Nora will demonstrate the stitch on your sample fabric and return it to you with my comments.

Arrangements have been made with Victoria Clayton, Dyer to provide a Silk Ribbon Embroidery kit for the class. The kit contains a very comprehensive group of ribbons and fibers to start you out down your path of Silk Ribbon Embroidery!

A small design looks good
on a collar or made into a pin.

Sampler Stitch Guide using
every stitch taught in this class.

A hat full of roses
waiting to be used.

Texas Bluebonnet

Meet Nora Creeach!

Class Starts: Next Class To Be Announced.

There is a required kit for the class. The kit is available from Victoria Clayton, Dyer for $9 plus $1 S/H. Information to purchase the kit will be sent to you when you register.

Pond Scene

Print on fabric, then
embellish with Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

Meet Nora Creeach!

I am Nora Creeach. I have been married to the same man for 35 years. We have 2 sons and between them they have made grandparents of us nine times and great grandparents four times.

Fifteen years ago I designed and we built our dream retirement home, a log cabin, in East Texas in the resort area of Lake Tawakoni. We have since retired and are enjoying country life.

I have been a crafter as long as I can remember. In our family it was considered an insult to purchase gifts. The feeling prevailed that if you didn't care enough to make something for someone you shouldn't bother with a gift at all. I was raised in Canada where I was taught by French Nuns. Because of the harsh winters we had a lot of indoor activities which included learning many of the different crafts and needlework.

Knitting, crochet and tatting never "took" with me. It seemed the more I did the more nervous it made me and the tighter my work became until I could no longer insert the needle to make the next stitch. Conversely, embroidery was something that relaxed me and I loved it from the very beginning.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery is my own personal love. I have taught "in person" classes in the past. The method I learned was to stitch without knots and keep the back as clean as the front because in many instances this art is used to embellish clothing where the back is visible. I don't insist that the students use this method but I do include it as part of the course along with the soft knots. You are then free to use whichever you choose.

My method of teaching, regardless of the craft or the art, is to teach the technique and the stitches but not projects. I believe that the student should begin designing their own projects from the beginning. There are stitch guides throughout the class, but you are left to pick the colors and materials and encouraged to use the stitches in your own designs.

I invite you to join the fun and learn Silk Ribbon Embroidery. It can be a very useful and lucrative addition to your crafting portfolio. A small embroidered design enhances wearables, small designs can be made into pins and ornaments that sell well, it can be used to decorate and embellish your doll clothing, children's clothes and made heirloom gifts.

Nora Creeach

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