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Angel Kitty
An Original Design by Debbie with suggestions from the AOL Angel Crafts Board Angels Sept 1999 

Angel Kitty


(2) 5 1/2" squares of plush felt for body
(2) 4"wide x 3 1/2"high pieces of regular felt for heart shaped wings
scrap of burgundy felt for heart
(2) 4 or 5mm half round beads for eyes
short piece of floss for whiskers
sm grapevine wreath for halo
light pink blush
matching thread
lg eye needle
tacky glue
fishing line
Pattern for Kitty Angel


1. With wrong sides together and nap of felt going down on both pieces, transfer body pattern onto one square. Sew all around directly on pattern line. Cut out, leaving a 1/8" margin. Clip curves. Cut a 1 1/2" crosswise slit in upper back, be sure to cut thru ONE LAYER ONLY. Turn body right side out through the slit, smooth edges and stuff lightly. 

2. Repeat above for the wings, but do not stuff. 

3. Glue wings to back covering slits. 

4. Glue the beads to front for eyes. 

5. With a large eye needle, thread the floss through front layer 1/2" or so below the eyes. Fluff out ends and trim. 

6. With a Q-tip, lightly blush on inner ears and nose. 

7. Halo - Several ideas; braided jute, string of pearls/beads, etc. In keeping with the simplistic, country design of the cat, I opted to use a small grapevine wreath. 

8. Thread a piece of fishing line through the top for a hanger. 

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