"The Xmas elf"
created by: Helen-Carol Soucy


Supplies necessary to make each mini-elf:

  •  One 1" (25 mm) diameter wooden bead (the head), acrylic paints and/or Two (5 mm) wiggled plastic eyes (optional)
  •  One plastic tube 3/4" (approx. 20 mm) diameter by 1 3/4" (approx.45 mm) long (for the body)
  •  Two pipe-cleaners, (the arms & legs) either skin tone, white, light pink, brown or the color of your choice, (ex.: you may use two tone pipe-cleaners, such as green & red, or red & white, or green & white, for the elf's arms & legs).
  •  Two small heart shape plastic beads (the shoes) color to match the clothes.
  •  Two pony plastic beads, skin tone, white or brown (the hands).
  •  Scrap of  felt for the clothing, refer to the pattern.
  •  Scrap of lace, narrow ribbon, small flowers, to decorate girl or lady's clothing, (matching with the fabric color).
  •  For the hair: use some craft "Curly Hair", or scrap of fine wool or embroidery floss, the color of your choice: yellow, brown, red, black, white or grey for elderly mini-doll.
  •  Cisors, pins, needle & thread (matching colors), "Tacky" craft glue, wire cutter, a pair of long nose plier; hot glue gun (optional) * should be handled with care by adults only.
  • One small white pompom (or the glitter one), or one small bell (approx. 1/2 inch diameter) to decorate the hat.
  • Gold or silver 3-D accrylic paint for fabric, or gold or silver seed beads (to garnish the clothes)
  • 6 inches gold or silver thin cord (optional: for the elf to be hung up in Xmas tree)
Note 1:  Some "head" beads have already some painted face features on them, such as eyes & mouth. Some even have hair painted on top. But if you're unable to get these already painted bead, just get a plain wooden bead, and some acrylic paint to color the bead (skin color of your choice). You will need also some paint for the eyes and mouth: pink or red paint for the mouth; blue, green, brown or black paint for the eyes, if you're not using the wiggled plastic eyes.

Note 2:  Plastic tube (recycled from empty paper roll used for cash register or adding machine) mesured 3/4" diameter by 1 3/4" long. (Ask a grocery or convenience store clerk to keep them for you.) If it's a little bigger, just adjust the pattern to fit your plastic tube. When I created these mini-dolls, I kept in mind, to use recycled material. If you're unable to obtain such plastic tube, there are other alternatives: refer to the body section, next page.

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