Organizing A Kid's Craft Program
Taught by Nora Creeach of Bluebonnet Crafters

Lesson 1

Usually when you are interested in starting a Kids Craft Program it is because you have the kids and need something to entertain them. In this class we will assume that you have the children and only need to announce the fact of the program.

Your first concern will be a place. This could be a small group in your home or organized through the facilities of churches, Parks Department, Community Center, Day School or after school programs. You will need both indoor and outdoor areas for your program.You will also need to consider bathroom facilities, availability of water for some of the projects and tables and chairs.

If the program is being developed through the auspices of a church, school or day care center most of these concerns will be covered by the parent organization. If, however, this is a group of children through home schooling, scouts or a private program you are developing your work area will probably be in your home. A good idea is to pick up old shower curtains or plastic drop cloths that can be spread allowing the children to work on the plastic and save the carpets.

Your budget will depend again on the sponsoring agency. It is best to consider recycling material as much as possible to keep costs down. The initial outlay will be for basic craft supplies. During the course of the class we will try to give you a basic set of supplies you will need to purchase or have donated as well as lists of items to start saving.

Donations from individuals and the organizing body for your program are great. But we will also give you some ideas of where and how to solicit donations. Not necessarily of money, but of needed supplies.

We will provide you with approximately 10 craft projects to get you started as well as a list of links to web sites that will give you more ideas The blackboard is available for questions and comments and we do urge you to use it. If you have a question you can bet that someone else has the same question but if neither of you ask it never gets answered.


Braiding, Knots and Friendship Bracelets

Depending on the stitch you will be using the length of the lace can be equal to the finished project plus 6" or as much as 9 times the length of the finished item. Three feet of lace will make 4 inches of box stitch. It will take 2 pieces 4 1/2 yds. long to make a lanyard and one piece 36" long for a bracelet.

Box Stitch Key Chain

 18" light colored lace (color A)

18" dark colored lace (color B)
1 split key ring

Place both laces together. Place the key ring at the center and tie an overhand knot approximately 1/4 inch from the key ring. Arrange the strands in the form of a cross. The two light strands are at the top and the bottom and the dark strands at the left and right. You are now ready to form the box stitch. * see figure "A" Step 1 for Box Stitch

*see figure "B" Step 2

Fold strand 1 across the knot leaving a small loop. Fold strand 2 over strand 1 leaving a small loop. Hold in place with your fingers.

* see figure "C" Step 3

Fold 3 over 2 and hold.

* see figure "D" Step 4

Fold 4 over 3 and insert through the loop left in 1.

* see figure "E" Step 5

P ull the laces tightly. Take lace 1 and 4 in one hand, 2 and 3 in the other and pull. Take 1 and 2 in one hand, 3 and 4 in the other and pull again. This completes the base of your box stitch.

* see figure "F" Step6

Fold strand 1 and 3 to the opposite side leaving a small loop on each and hold. Fold 2 over 3 and through the loop on 1. Fold 4 over 1 and through the loop on 3. Pull laces tightly. This is the second step needed to make the box stitch. Continue until you reach the desired length.

see figure "G" Step 7

To fasten off the box stitch leave the last stitch fairly loose bring 1 under 2 under 3 then up through the center. Repeat this step with 3 and 4. Gently tighten the strands one at a time around the square. Trim the ends diagonally at least one inch beyond your square.


The lanyard is composed of a round braid and an area of box stitch.

2 pieces lace each 4 1/2 yds. long 1 snap hook


Round Braid Portion:

Steps for Round Braid

Fold the 2 pieces in half. Place the snap hook to the center of both laces to make four strands each one 81" long. Work the round braid in a diamond pattern for 36".

Anchor the large end of the snap hook on a nail or cup hook. *Figure "A" Number the strands 1, 2, 3 and 4 from left to right. Begin braiding.

Figure "B" Place number 4 under number 3 and 2 then back over number 2

Figure "C" Pull strands tight.

Figure "D" Place 1 under 2 and 4 then back over 4. Pull strands tight. Untangle loose ends as you go and do not allow them to twist.

Figure "E" These are the only two steps necessary for the diamond stitch round braid. Continue repeating the steps under 2 back over 1 until the desired length is braided.

Turn work upside down and tie braid so two light laces are opposite each other and the two dark laces are opposite each other. Refer to the box stitch instructions. Make the first box stitch .Slip the snap hook of the round braid up through the center of the box. Continue the braiding using the box stitch around the braid making it loose enough to slip up and down on the braid for one inch and fasten off. Trim the ends diagonally at least one inch beyond your square.

Bead and Knot BraceletBead-knot Bracelet

 1 piece of lace 36" long

16 barrel beads
Snap hook

Fold lace in half and tie an overhand knot 1/2" from the fold. Thread both ends of the lace through the first barrel bead pushing the bead snugly against the knot. Tie a square knot below the bead. Add the second bead and another square knot, repeating this process until you have used all 16 beads ending with the final bead.The beads should be snug but not tight enough to make the length stiff. Slip the snap hook onto one strand of the lace, tie a square knot to hold the hook in place.

Thread the ends of the lace back through the center of the last bead. Clip ends close to the bead.

Option: A necklace can be made the same way increasing the material as follows:

Double the length of lace and number of beads for a very short necklace. Triple both will make a medium length necklace.

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