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 Quick and Easy Angels

Welcome class!

Hello, My name is Leslie. I'll be your instructor for the "Quick and Easy Angels" class.

It's nice to be back in a classroom. I feel right at home at this, as I taught public school for 14 yrs.

PLEASE feel free to ask questions in class, either by E-mailing me, or by posting to the bulletin board. Remember: there are NO dumb questions. If YOU are wondering it, SOMEONE ELSE IS TOO.

About the class:

All 5 designs are posted as successive pages (as well as this welcome page and a general directions page). If you are crafty and like to work fast, you can "whip right through" all the designs quickly. If you need more time, or have little time to craft, you can work at your own rate.

When you ask questions, TELL ME WHICH DESIGN you are working on. Try to be specific with your questions so I can best help you. If my answers aren't sufficient, ASK AGAIN. I won't be offended. I appreciate feedback, but if you have to criticize try to be gentle...

If you are like me, and you get tired of scrolling up and down reading instructions on your monitor screen, then print the pattern pages.

So... sit back and relax. I promise not to be too strict. Gee, I think I like this virtual classroom. No noise, no homework, no spit wads...I could get used to this.

Happy Crafting!

Click HERE to go to General Directions page

Contact Leslie (Instructor) directly at: lprest@netzone.com

Meet Your Instructor
Leslie Prest

Like many women I've crafted all my life. I can't remember when I didn't make things. I taught public school Science for 14 years and crafted only for fun or for gifts. But when my children were born I no longer wanted to teach and turned to the crafts to help our income.

I've sold for 6 years through craft malls and shows, even promoting my own shows locally this year. I'm excited about branching out into selling patterns and over the internet. Although I have a strong education background (including a Biology Ed masters degree) my crafts are largely self-taught. This means that I often take somewhat unique approaches to "how-to". I'm never happier than when figuring out my next project.

Leslie Prest
Handmade with Heart
E-mail: lprest@netzone.com

URL: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/Handmade

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