Cloth Angel Ornament

Materials Needed:
 Strip of print fabric, 2" by 30"
 10" narrow satin ribbon, color of choice
 3" flat, narrow, gold braid (or narrow rick rack or narrow ribbon)-for halo
 17" flat, narrow, gold braid (or narrow ribbon)- for wings and bow
 small bell (size may vary but must be large enough to fit on satin ribbon, above)
 5/8" wood head bead with hole (size may vary slightly up or down)
scissors (pinking shears optional)
 needle and thread
 tacky glue (or glue gun)
Very small bell OR small silk flower OR other trim of choice (optional)


 Body: Cut the 30" cloth strip into 2 equal pieces. Edges may be cut with pinking shears, but a staight cut (or even a torn edge) is fine too. Work with one piece at a time. Fold under 1/4" on one end, with needle and thread run a gathering stitch (approx. 1/4" long stitches) close to one edge of the cloth. Fold the other edge in 1/4" also before you stitch across it. Pull the thread to gather, and tie tightly. This forms a "rosette" of cloth. Repeat with other cloth strip.

 Allow ends of the gathered cloth to overlap slightly If needed, take a small stitch to hold ends together so the cloth forms a circle.

 Hanger: Cut 10" of narrow satin ribbon for hanger. Thread one end through bell and tie ends in a double knot. Slide bell close to knot.

Push the loop end of the hanger through the middle of one of the rosettes FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP. Repeat with other rosette. Push the loop through the wood bead also. Dot a small amount of glue between the bell and the rosette, between the two rosettes, and between the top rosette and the wood bead. Slide all parts down the loop toward the bell so that they fit together snuggly. (see graphic). Make sure that the places where the cloth overlaps is lined up on both rosettes. This spot is the back of the ornament. Make sure that the best (smoothest) part of the wood bead is facing the other way (to the front). Let glue set.

 Halo: Cut 3" of flat gold braid (or rick rack or narrow ribbon). Overlap the ends at right angles as shown and glue. This forms the halo. Glue the spot where the braid is glued together to the BACK of the wood bead. Position it so that the hanging loop goes through the middle of the halo, and the halo stands up over the head as shown. 

Wings: Cut 10" of the gold braid (or narrow ribbon) and tie it into a bow. Glue this to the BACK of the angel where the wood bead and the cloth meet. Cut 8" of the gold braid (or narrow ribbon) and tie into a smaller bow. Glue this to the FRONT of the angel, where the wood bead and cloth meet. Press both bows firmly into place.

 If desired, trim the center of the front bow, by gluing on another smaller bell, a silk flower, a small candy or wood heart, or anything you choose.

The ornament can be changed to fit any season/holiday. Try heart prints for Valentine's, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, patriotic prints for 4th of July.

It can also by made in lace, just cut the same size of flat lace and proceed the same.

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pattern copyright 1998 Leslie Prest

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