Stick Angel

Materials needed:
 paint stirring stick (from hardware or paint store)
 OR substitute a jumbo craft stick
acrylic paint: flesh, blue (or other choice of dress color)
 very small amount country red stencil creme paint
(or use creme or powder blusher)
 permanent, fine tip black marker (red and blue optional)
 1/2" to 1" paint brush or piece of household sponge
 small amount doll hair of choice (shown is curly nylon)
 4" thin wood heart (this is for wings, if using jumbo craft stick use 2" heart- may substitute cardboard heart, or use ribbon or twisted paper as per other angel designs.)
 gold acrylic (or enough gold colored paper to cover wood (or cardboard) heart
 if using heart for wings)
 9" twisted paper, color of choice (approximately 4 1/2 " if using jumbo craft stick)
 very small amount of fiber fill (or use dryer lint or torn kleenex)
 small piece jute (or string or narrow ribbon)- for hanger
 6" narrow ribbon (choice of color) for neck bow
 small silk flowers or other trims of choice
 tacky glue or glue gun


 Choose the smoothest side of the stick for the front. Paint top part (above narrow spot) of stirring stick (or top 1" of jumbo craft stick) with flesh acrylic. If painting with sponge, use a dabbing motion. Let dry. Paint remainder of stick with choice of color to form "dress". Shown is a country blue. Make sure to paint a straight edge around "neck" (narrowed point on stirring stick). Let dry. Paint back of stick also if desired.

Face: Using fine tip marker, draw face in center of flesh painted end. Face may be drawn all with black, or you may use blue to draw eyes and red for mouth.

 If needed, to help position face, cut out face pattern and transfer small dots to stick using the following method:

 Use a large pin or needle to make holes at small dots. Position pattern on stick, use a sharp pencil to make SMALL, LIGHT dots THROUGH the holes onto the stick. Then use marker to "connect the dots" as shown.

 Apply stencil creme paint or blusher to cheeks using finger, Q-tip, or old paint brush. Be sparing, adding more if necessary. You can always add more, but it may not come off if you start with too much. Blend well.

 Hair: Dot glue around head where hair will fit. (if using hot glue I recommend working in small sections at a time- tacky glue is much more "forgiving" if you don't get the position just right). Place hair on head and arrange until satisfied. Shown is 6 pieces of curly nylon, cut about 1" long and tied together in the center with a piece of sewing thread. This helps to control and contain the hair so it doesn't get too wild. When glue is set trim hair as desired.

 Tie ribbon around neck in a double knot and then a bow.

Arms: Cut 9" piece of twisted paper (4 1/2" if using craft stick), cut in half. Untwist. (If paper is very stiff, mist or sprinkle LIGHTLY with a little water and place it in a plastic bag for 15-20 minutes. Paper will relax and be easier to untwist.)

Overlap long edges of paper and glue to form 2 tubes. Stuff center of tubes lightly using fiber fill (or dryer lint or torn kleenex). Squirt a SMALL amount of glue inside ends of tubes and pinch ends together. Glue one end of each tube to BACK of stick at right angles, just below head. Let glue set. Curve tubes around and down to meet at center front of body, where waist would be. Glue both ends here, overlapping as needed.

 Wings: Paint heart for wings with gold acrylic (OR spread glue all over surface of heart and glue onto a piece of gold paper such as wrapping paper, trim flush with edge of heart).Glue FRONT (gold side) of heart to BACK of body as shown. Heart may be right side up or upside down, whichever you like best.

 If you choose, use ribbon or twisted paper instead. Make a bow shape (See General Directions page- "tying" bows,) and glue to back of body at approximate "shoulder" height. 

 Glue small piece of jute (or string or ribbon) on back of stick as shown to make a hanger. This way stick will hang flat on a very small nail or pin on a wall. (or hang as you choose).

 Glue silk flowers (or other trims of choice) to cover ends of twisted paper at front waist.

 If desired, write a saying or message on the front of stick below waist. Words can be written one below another or at a slant for longer words. Ex.: "You're an Angel", "God Bless my Kitchen", or any saying or personalization you choose.

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