Lace Angel Pin

Materials Needed:
 9" flat lace (may be up to 2" wide, use less length for narrower widths)
 9" of 1" wide gold ribbon (or other choice of ribbon or even 1" wide flat lace)
 IF MAKING PIN IN CLOTH: you need the equivalent amounts of 2 contrasting print fabrics, edge may be "pinked" but a straight cut is fine too)
5/8" no-hole wood bead (size may vary a little up or down, may use hole bead if you have to)
2" narrow, flat, gold braid ( or narrow rick rack or narrow satin ribbon)- for halo
 small bell (or small silk flower or other choice of trims)
flat-back pin (could substitute large safety pin, but will be harder to glue in place)
 tacky glue (or glue gun)
 needle and thread
 scissors (pinking shears optional)


Body: Start with the 9" lace (or cloth) and needle and thread.Fold under 1/4" on one end. Run a gathering stitch (approx. 1/4" long stitches) close to the top edge. 

Fold the other end in 1/4" also before you stitch across it.Pull the thread to gather, and tie tightly. The side where the ends meet is the back.

 Wings: Cut the 9" of gold ribbon (or other ribbon or cloth). See General Directions page-"tying" bows. Using those directions, form a bow shape and glue to the TOP FRONT of the gathered lace or cloth. Let glue set.

 Head: Glue wood bead to TOP of gathered lace or cloth and wings as shown. Let glue set. Make sure the best (smoothest) side of the wood bead is facing the front. (If you have to use hole bead, angle bead so hole doesn't show too much). 

 Halo: Cut the 2" of flat gold braid (or rick rack or ribbon). Overlap the ends at right angles as shown and glue. Glue this point to the BACK of the head bead so that halo stands up over head as shown.

 Glue flat-back pin to back of body.

Trim front of wings with small bell, flower, or your choice of trims.

 Pin can easily be varied for different seasons/holidays. Lace with gold wings and a bell look very festive for Christmas time. Red or pink lace (or heart printed fabric) look cute for Valentine's Day- trim with a small painted wood heart or even a small candy heart. Try shamrock prints for St. Patrick's or garden prints. The possibilities are almost endless.

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pattern copyright 1998 Leslie Prest

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