Terra Cotta Angel

 Materials needed:
 2" terra cotta (clay) pot
 acrylic paint: flesh, white, blue (or other choice of eye color), black
 large (1" or so), soft paint brush (or piece of household sponge
 fine tip, permanent black marker (red marker optional)
 15" jute (or string or narrow ribbon)
 small bell (size may vary but must fit on jute above)
 5/8" wood bead with hole (size may vary, but must NOT fit through pot hole)
 180" (5 yd) yarn-like doll hair (shown is Bumples brand- you may substitue your choice or actually use yarn
 6" narrow, flat, gold braid ( or rick rack or narrow ribbon) -for halo
 piece of print fabric- at least 1" by 7"
 16" of 4" wide twisted paper- color of choice- for wings
 scissors (pinking shears optional)
tacky glue or glue gun
small bell OR silk flower OR other trim of choice (optional)


 Paint outside of pot with flesh acrylic using brush or piece of sponge. If using sponge, use a dabbing motion. Let dry and apply second coat to cover completely.

 Face: See General Directions page- Painting Eyes. Using these directions, paint eyes on pot, add nose with black marker. Add mouth with black or red marker.

 If needed for placement guide, cut out face pattern and transfer dots to pot using following method:

 Use large pin or needle to make holes at small dots. Position pattern on pot, use sharp pencil to make SMALL, LIGHT dots THROUGH the holes onto the pot. "Connect" the dots to form nose and mouth, and use dots to position center of eyes.

 Hanger: Cut 16" of jute (or string or narrow ribbon) and thread through bell. Slide bell to center of jute. Push jute ends through pot hole from INSIDE and measure distance so the bell will JUST show below edge of pot. Either hold this point with your finger, measure with a ruler, or mark it with a pen. Remove jute from the pot and tie ends together in a knot at the measured spot. 

 Thread jute ends through wood bead (if hole is too small for both ends, thread bead on only one piece of jute). Push ends back through hole in pot.

 Bring ends together and tie in double knot as shown to form hanging loop of desired length.

 Hair: Cut 30 pieces of doll hair, 6" long each. Tie the centers of all strand together with another piece of hair. Bring 4 or 5 pieces from each side toward the front and cut these strands short for bangs. 

 Dot glue over pot where hair will go, making sure some glue is in hole, around hanger and bead. This will hold the hanger in place. Place hair on head IN FRONT OF hanger with bangs toward the front. Arrange hair by pulling strands toward the sides and back until you get a natural look. (If using hot glue be very careful to get placement right first. I recommend tacky glue, it lets you rearrange.) Add more glue in spots if needed and trim hair as desired.

 Halo: Cut 6" of flat gold braid (or rick rack or narrow ribbon) and overlap the ends at right angles as shown. Glue in this position. This is the back of the halo. Glue this to the back of the head, positioning it so it stands up over head and goes around hanging loop.

Wings: Cut 16" of twisted paper and untwist it. (If paper is very stiff, mist or sprinkle LIGHTLY with a little water and seal in a plastic bag for 15-20 minutes. Paper will relax and be easier to untwist.)

 See General Directions page- "tying" bows. Using these directions, form untwisted paper into a bow shape and glue it to center back of pot.

 Cut print fabric into a strip 1" by 7" (pinking shears add a nice edge, but a straight cut is fine too). "Tie" a bow using same directions as above. Glue this to front rim of pot below face.

 Glue a silk flower, another bell, or trim of your choice to middle of front bow if desired.

 Angels can also be made with tiny pots, just reduce the size of everything. Try a VERY small pot with a long jute hanger as a necklace. For smaller than 2" pots I recommend using 1" ribbon or another fabric strip for wings rather than twisted paper.

 Angels will vary quite a bit in appearance depending on color choices for wings and bow, and on trims used. Try a patriotic print with red, white or blue wings, or a garden print with silk flowers. Pink wings with a heart print are cute for Valentine's. Trim it with a candy heart.

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copyright 1998 Leslie Prest

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